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Email Discussion Groups

The Nittany Valley Running Club has several Yahoo! Discussion Groups and a new Facebook page. We encourage Club Members who are active runners to join. We also encourage others who are not members of the Nittany Valley Running Club, but who are interested in running in Central Pennsylvania to join the group.

Online Discussion Groups

Group Go to this group to join
* NVRC, the "official" Discussion Group
* Wahoo - For beginners of all ages
* Ladies Early Morning Group - For early birds.
* Facebook

Get a Yahoo and/or Facebook account to join any or all!

The Yahoo Discussion Groups are easy to sign up for. Just go to one of the links in the right hand column above and click "Join This Group". [NOTE: In the "Join This Group" form, please remember to say something about yourself in the "Comments To Owner" box. It helps us to weed out spammers.]  If you are already a Yahoo! member, a request will be sent to the group moderators (Marty Mazur, Cheryl Capone, Vicki Summers or Christine Rice) to add you to the group. As soon as you are approved you will be able to join the fun. If you are not yet a Yahoo! member, you have to join. It's pretty much like getting any other internet service like Hotmail, etc. It's free. You answer a few questions and you're in. Then you send a request to join the NVRC group and you can join the fun.

Yahoo! Discussion Groups allow you to tailor your access to the group (and the group's access to you!). You can read or post messages via the group web page or by email. You can have the group email delivered to you immediately, or in daily summaries. You can specify different email accounts (other than your Yahoo account), from which you can post or receive Group email. You can post a detailed profile of yourself, including pictures, quotations, web links, etc., or you can remain anonymous. Once you are in, you can explore all the options.

[NOTE: Because the means of signing up for Club Discussion Groups are open to all, the Club Discussion Groups have many members, quite a few of whom are not personally known to the Group moderators. Group members should exercise discretion in their discussions, particularly regarding private or sensitive matters.]

The NVRC observes these listserve policies, violation of which can result in the violator being removed from the listserves:

  • Solicitation of illegal activities is prohibited.
  • Salacious, offensive, or slanderous material is prohibited.
  • Quotation or publication of material from Group discussions outside the listserves is prohibited except by permission of the quoted participants or owner of the used material.
  • Unsolicited advertising using the Club listserves is prohibited. 

The Yahoo! Group is intended to replace the old Discussion Forum that lay unused at the Club web site with a much better communication tool that will be available to anyone who wants to exchange information about running in Central Pennsylvania. The Yahoo Group also supplanted the NVRUN-L email list as of September 1, 2003. Join the NVRC Discussion Group!

For those of you who want to know why we switched over to Yahoo! from the old email listserv, here is your answer.