NVRC Supports 2014 United Way Day of Caring

For the 2014 United Way Day of Caring, Cheree Jones and Sheryl Balkey organized a crew of bushwackers for the fourth year in a row. The project was again the golf course perimeter bike path/jogging path, this time along the northwest side of the Penn State Blue Golf Course. There were saplings, bushes, brush, assorted shrubs, and unruly tree branches that were clogging and cluttering the path. The volunteers were:  SF& Company (12 volunteers), Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager/Head Golf Professional, Sheryl & Seth Balkey and Cheree Jones. The crew cleared the way so that runners have a clear treadway and golfers can see runners so they can yell "fore!". The NVRC chipped in to pay for some food and refreshment. Here are a few pictures.


The clean-up crew.

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Tuesday Evening Track: It's Good To Be Back!

July 29, 2014


Tuesday Evening Track returned on a cool, cloudy evening. Ten runners showed up, including a couple of kids from Mark Fedkin’s Nittany Track and Field Youth Group. Marty Klanchar, Andy and Matt Maguire, John and Jacob Iceland, Mark and Nikita Fedkin, Adam Ilgen, Bob Shafer, and Marty Mazur showed up at the Penn State Track.

We tried to follow the format of the old Tuesday Track workouts of a few years ago. The main difference between these and lunchtime Thursday Track is that we have more time in the evening. This allows us to do two things: some track warm-ups and plyometric exercises, and more volume in the workout itself.

Mark Fedkin got the ball rolling with about 15 minutes of track warm-ups taken right from his NT&F playbook. These included toe-walking, heel-walking, running with various kinds of knee lift, skipping, jumping jacks, and backwards and sideward exercises. It looked like an elementary school gym class, but all these exercises are used to increase flexibility, range of motion, and turnover.

Marty Klanchar called the main workout, a downward ladder: 1600-1200-800-400, at 5K+ pace with long (400m) rests between reps. The rest didn’t seem long enough after the 1600, but the workout got easier and faster at the bottom of the ladder.

Tuesday Evening Track will continue through August and hopefully into September. We will move the workouts to the High School track as soon as it’s available again. We may move the start time earlier as we lose daylight. We’ll let you know.


NVRC Web Site Weirdness Hopefully Fixed

Some of you noticed (and let us know) that, when searching for our Club using Google, some of our web pages had links that were redirected to “pharmaceutical” sites. Please accept our apologies for this, and for the fact that we web jockeys didn’t believe it was even happening. (It turns out that through a misunderstanding of how people were getting this to occur, we were not able to recreate the occurrence, and hence thought that the people reporting it had a virus!) In any case, we seem to have located and fixed the problem. There was apparently a hack on the web software we use for our site that caused the re-directs. That has (we hope) been fixed and enough time has elapsed so that Google’s magical cache is cleared. Let us know if you notice this again. We promise to believe you this time!

Youth Cross-Country Meets For 2013

All area youth age 14 and under are invited to this Fall's cross country (X-C) runs. The focus is on fun, fitness and the skill common to many sports - running. All of this year's races will be run at the new State College Area High School cross-country course, which is at Circleville Park, at 3225 Circleville Road in Patton Township.  Participation is free of charge! The Fall 2013 X-C runs are on: Saturday September 14th and 28th and October 12th. For more information and required release form, go to our Youth Cross-Country page.

Healthy Kids Running Series Coming This Spring - Register Now!

The Healthy Kids Running Series is coming to State College! This is an amazing program for kids Pre-K through 8th grade aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. The Spring series will begin in April with races being held Sundays 5:30-6:30 for 5 weeks. Race location: Circleville Park. Go to http://www.healthykidsrunningseries.com/race_locations/state-college-pa/ for more information and to register. Register today!!

Pittsburgh Marathon Clinic

Who: Club XC Runners, Club Cross Country President Ryan Hogan, Luke Watson (former professional marathoner for Mizuno), and any NVRC Members who wish to attend
What: We will spend some time going over the course map and elevation chart from the Pittsburgh Marathon/Half, and then Luke Watson will share strategies and tips for running your best race yet. There will be a time for an open group discussion as well.
When: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 7PM …. and lasting until 8pm
Where: Room 258 in the Willard building on the PSU Campus

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

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