The 2021 United Way Day of Caring was held on October 7. The NVRC took part with another of their annual PSU Golf Course trail maintenance projects. Cheree Jones and Jim and Liz Kisenwether coordinated with Joe Hughes, Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager. The NVRC also provided lunch for the crew. This year the 23 volunteers were from the Alexander Building Construction Company, the Penn State women's golf team, and individuals. They cleared brush, especially from wooded segments of the trail, working tirelessly to make the trail safer. This trail has been a Centre County Day of Caring project for the NVRC each year from 2011-2021 (There was an informal small group of volunteers last year due to the pandemic.) Here are some photos from the day of the project.

pix UWDOC 21 alexander

 Alexander Building Construction Company and individual volunteers

pix UWDOC 21 golfcoaches1

Penn State women's golf coaches who worked tirelessly

pix UWDOC 21 golfcoaches2

Members of the PSU women's golf team, who were also amazing workers

pix UWDOC 21 golfcoaches3

More members of the PSU women's golf team

pix UWDOC 21 strongjarod

Jarod, a man with amazing strength and commitment

pix UWDOC 21 davesaw

Dave of Alexander Building Construction Company made short work of a log blocking a section of the trail

pix UWDOC 21 mikewhack

Mike of Alexander Building Construction was the king of the weed whacker

pix UWDOC 21 dougbrush

 Doug of Alexander Building Construction clearing brush

 pix UWDOC 21 rakers

Exceptional workers Dave, Doug, Jarod, and Sherry of Alexander Building Construction show the end result of their great efforts 

pix UWDOC 21 before1 Before: Intersection of the path and the drive up to the Walker Clubhouse

 pix UWDOC 21 after1

 After: Same intersection with improved visibility

 pix UWDOC 21 before2

 Before: Entrance to the shorter wooded section of the trail (across from Mt Nittany Health--Blue Course Drive)

 pix UWDOC 21 after2

 After: Same place, clear!

 pix UWDOC 21 before3

Before: Near the entrance to the shorter wooded section of the trail near Mt Nittany Health)

 pix UWDOC 21 after3

After: Same place, clear! 

pix UWDOC 21 before4

Before: and entrance from Blue Course Drive to the shorter wooded portion of the trail 

 pix UWDOC 21 after4

After: Same place, clear!