A crew of weedwhackers and bush trimmers headed for the Penn State Golf Course on October 4 for the United Way Day of Caring. The project was again the golf course perimeter bikepath/jogging path. The trail has been a Centre County United Way Day of Caring project each year from 2011-2018. This year there were 72 volunteers working in shifts to clear brush from wooded portions of the trail. Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager, Liz & Jim Kisenwether, and Cheree Jones coordinated project

Volunteers: The Penn State men's lacrosse team, KBB Realty employees, Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager, a representative from KidTech Inc., and several individuals worked tirelessly to clear brush and make the trail safer.

NVRC, as usual, chipped in for food and drinks (lunch). 

Here are some highlights of the day. 

pix united18 crew

This year's golf course path cleanup crew for the United Way Day of Caring

pix united18 lizrake

Liz Kisenwether helps rake up the path

pix united18 jimbush

Jim Kisenwether, master bushwacker

pix united18 dona

Dona O'Hara of Kissinger, Bigatel, and Brower was busy clearing brush

pix united18 handsaw

Handsaws were the tool of choice for the bigger branches

pix united18 brushhands

Off to the brush pile!

pix united18 bigbranch

That's a substantial branch!

pix united18 kbb2

Is that enough for a bonfire?

pix united18 forestbefore

Things looked a little close before the clearing began...

pix united18 forestafter

...and a lot better afterward!

pix united18 forestbefore2

Can't even see in there!

pix united18 afterforest2

That's better!