The NVRC Race Series Cup and Volunteer Achievement Awards are activities designed to help NVRC members earn awards based on their participation and achievement in local races and Club activities. The Race Series Cup and Volunteer Achievement Awards have been significantly revamped in order to increase your participation in and enjoyment of local racing. The 2013 NVRC Race Series begins on New Year's Eve with the First Night Resolution Run 5K. Here are some of the important changes:

Race Series Cup :

  • Simplified scoring
  • More prizes.
  • Two Awards levels: 
    • A competitive level for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall series awards; 
    • Individual achievement level. Two new individual Achievement Awards have been added. Awards in this level are open to all NVRC members and can be earned simply by participating in more NVRC races. Prizes include gift certificates and NVRC swag.

Volunteer Awards:

In order to encourage volunteering, we've done away with Volunteer of the Year Awards going only to the Club's top 3 volunteers! Instead, Volunteer Achievement Awards are available to all Club members at levels based solely on how much they volunteer. The more a member volunteers, the more kinds of Awards that member will become eligible for.

The Race Series web pages have information on eligibility, rules, Series Races, scoring, and awards. To learn more about the NVRC Race Series, visit the Race Series pages: