People new to our frequent runs in State Game Lands 176 usually need directions to the meeting spot. First of all, SGL 176 is divided in two parts, the Scotia and Toftrees sections. The larger Scotia section is northwest of town. The smaller Toftrees section is north of town. Here is a map by the Game Commission showing the locations of the two sections.

There are two common meeting spots for a run in the Scotia section, so people organizing Game Lands runs need to specify where the run will start. The most common meeting spot is the first, the Patton Woods parking lot, because it has more parking. The Greenbriar entrance is about two miles from there by car (or just over a mile by Game Lands trail). The meeting spot for a run in the Toftrees section of the Game Lands is near the Ale House in Toftrees.

Directions to Patton Woods Parking Lot: From State College, take W. College Ave  west (it's also Rte 26 south) to Science Park Rd. Go right on Science Park. A bout a mile and a half later, there is a big intersection with a light where Science Park meets Circleville Rd. Continue straight past this intersection. Science Park changes names to Valley Vista Dr. Up the hill about a quarter-mile, make the left at Bachman Dr. A block later, bear right as the road turns into Circleville Rd. Continue on Circleville about 3/4-mile. As you head down a hill toward a curve in the road, there is a gravel lot on your left. That's the Patton Woods lot. If you have left the woods and are driving by some farm fields with a park on the right (Circleville Park), you have passed the lot. Here's a link to a map:

Directions to Greenbriar Entrance: The Greenbriar entrance to SGL 176 doesn't have a parking lot, per se, but just a small turnout area on Sleepy Hollow Rd. This starting spot is used less frequently than the Patton Woods lot. As above, take W. College Avenue to Science Park Rd. Then, at the light at Circleville, turn left.A block later, the road continues but becomes Sleepy Hollow Rd (Circleville turns right up). Stay on Sleepy Hollow. About a half mile later, there isa large sign for the Greenbriar development on the right. There is a parking turnout at this sign. This is the Greenbriar entrance. Here's a link to a map:

There's a fairly detailed map of many of the trails in SGL 176 available here, in case you want to explore on your own.The map makes more sense once you've been into the Game Lands a few times. So come along on the next guided tour!

Directions to the Toftrees Game Lands Entrance: The Toftrees Game Lands parking lot is right next door to the American Ale House in Toftrees. There are two ways to get there. You can follow Fox Hollow Rd from the PSU stadium for a couple of miles and turn left onto Cricklewood. The Game Lands parking lot will be a 1/4 mile on the right. Or, turn right off the expressway onto Waddle Rd, right onto Toftrees Ave, and then left at Cricklewood. The Game Lands will then be 3/4 mile on the left, just past the Ale House. If the parking lot is full, there are places to park on the road.