Weekly Hill Workout: Two Hills Are Better Than None

October 11, 2010

It was the kind of day that made you want to forget it was a hill workout day and just go for a nice, leisurely, soak-up-the-sun kind of stroll around the golf course.  Which is exactly what  Tom Cali and Martha Nelson, basking in their post-marathon muscular bliss, did. Ever the performer, Calidonna even threw in an elbow-pumping mini-burst to appease the hill queen (notice the "q" and the "u" stick together like glue John and Jim).  Anyway, those with no "I just ran a sub-3 hour marathon yesterday" excuse, which included Jim Moore, Andrew Webb, John Domico, Ken Davis, Lance Bland, Jim Myers, Jonathan Thurley, Kimberlyn Nelson, and Rob Peterson, had some hill business to attend to.  Her Hyner-ness sunk to a new low by only prescribing two. However, the majority of the crew felt unfulfilled by such a small elevation gain, and went on to much higher heights. Davis was showing off the benefits of the Humpin' Dumpties training regimen, a top-secret Euro-trashin' leg-thrashin' hybrid that relies on intense daily windmill sessions to increase performance.

Anyway, nice work today guys.  Hope all that weekly pain and suffering pays you back big time in the mOUTaiNs this Saturday!

Weekly Hill Workout: Rainy Days and Mondays

September 27, 2010

It was a dreary, drizzly day as Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, Jim Moore, and I set out from Rec Hall. Traband and Cali arrived late--looking quite spiffy in their "business casual" attire (I couldn't decide if Mark's shirt was 'apricot' or 'cantelope')--and caught up with us out at the hill--which--as most of you now know after the fact--was Sunset Park (I'm getting a little dash-happy--in case you haven't noticed---Marty--?)

Anyway, I was just along to keep the crew honest--I had to take a knee once we arrived at the hill.  I'm hoping my witch doctor can exorcise whatever demons are haunting my patella.  Cornwall and Maranas did three repeats, Moore (in taper mode for Wineglass this weekend) did a half, and though i was leaving by the time they arrived, Traband and Cali promised to do a few too. 

I'm hoping to not be quite so kneedy next week!

Weekly Hill Workout: "Unpaved"

September 13, 2010

"Unpaved"--The Incredible True Story of One Group's Battle Against Gravity and Gravel

It was a picture-perfect running day (only slightly marred by the appearance of George Lesieutre in his short-shorts--George served notice that Costas has some worthy competition in the indecent exposure department.  Costas may need to break out his cut-offs next week.....)  While many joined in on the run over to hillville, only a select few stayed on for the main event.  We shall remember them by name:  Kevin Becker, Mike Weyandt, Jim Moore, and Tom Cali (who reached all new levels of masochism by incorporating this workout into part of his long run).  They were met at the hill by Marty Mazur, Rob Peterson, and Kim Nelson--all loyal Hillites. The crew bravely risked life, lung, and limb during their four rocky repeats, and many a shoe was filled with stones.  You may wonder....what brings these runners back, week after week, to wage this uphill battle?  In the immortal words of my home-girl Miley.....it's "The Climb".  Because "there's always gonna be another mountain...."

Weekly Hill Workout: A Day or Two Late and Some Longer Shorts

September 20, 2010

Okay--all this coloring and pasting and days of the week singing is really wearing me out-- (not to mention the chasing down of AWOL kids)!  Anyway, I can deliver my report whenever-ish I darn well please!!!! 

So, a modestly clad group of runners, including Jim Moore, Jonathan Thurley, Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, and Tom Cali, set out from Rec Hall for some nice, light, recovery hills.  Tom and I had a little hitch in our giddy-up from the Dam Half, and Moore and Sheakoski (who met us at the hill) had joggied up and down legs 9 and 10 of the MTB the day before.  I'm not sure what Costas's excuse was though.  Rob Peterson, Judd Michael, and Jim Myers also rendezvoused with us out at the golf course.  Rendezvoused....that word just looks plain wrong.  Major Mazel Tov goes out to Cornwall for actually partaking of all four hills!!!!  Now if he could only run on more than one leg.....

Weekly Hill Workout: No Frills, Just Hills

August 30, 2010

Sorry to disappoint my loyal readers, but this week's edition of the Hill Report will be short and sweet (unlike the hill we ran today) as I have way too much work due tomorrow that I haven't started yet.  However, I definitely need to acknowledge those kick-ass runners who took part in today's group agony session.  My Rec Hall counterparts included Kevin Becker, Rob Shaver, Jim Moore, Mike Weyandt, Jonathan Thurley, Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, and Esther Prins (and several others who got "lost" along the way).  Judd Michael, Jim Myers, Rob Peterson, Kim Nelson, Matt Soccio and Bwana-- on his bicycle built for two--all met up with us once we reached Four Hills.  Today marked the end of the Rob Shaver era (which will resume next May when he returns from his annual Winnipeg migration), and the triumphant and somewhat tender beginning of Marty's return to running (The Mart-man Climbeth!).   Today's goal was 4x4 Hills, and since we were already hot and bothered by the time we arrived at the hill, we were all pretty much fried and exhausted by the time we were done.  That's pretty much it.  No glaring wardrobe malfunctions, fake foam inserts,  or "key" moments to report!

Hope to see some of you at this Thursday evening's discovery run for another uphill battle....