Weekly Hill Workout: The Drips Have It

May 17, 2011

While there were dribs and drabs of drops and drips in the air, these did not divert Dave Agler, Meira Minard, Ken Davis and Mike Casper from the day’s task at hand: ascending the lower hill on Porter Road. This run goes from the crosswalk at the bottom to the “no parking” sign just past the gas line post. After a few reps the local hog contingent was out whooping and hollering and placing bets on who would last. There was light vehicle traffic but the downhill recovery was exhilarating! Mike had a head start but most were on their sixth rep by the time he peeled off to rumble up the mini Hastings hill nearby.
What drips were dry in their offices or gyms? You know who you fair-weather folk are. Ye who show, reap!

Weekly Hill Workout: Not Much To Report

January 17, 2010

I accidentally hit return after typing in the subject on the last message, and contemplated just leaving it at that.  You know, 'enough said' kind of thing.  But that wouldn't be fair to the few brave-hearted souls who battled the hills with me today.  Instead of warpaint, these soldiers wore tights, which was just as (if not more) intimidating!  Although quite a sizeable crew set out from Rec Hall, when it came time to separate the tuff from the fluff, only Jim Moore and Jonathan Thurley chose the high road.  We headed over to the Park Ave hill, and ran into none other than the Martin of the Mazurs and John Wilcock.  John has a slow year planned, only a few HALF-Ironmans (what a slacker!).  Our regiment was made complete by the arrival of Judd the Studd Michaels, whom I tried to run over as he was climbing Orchard on his bike this morning (he was wearing Lakers colors--I couldn't help myself!!!)

So, we managed to make three charges up the hill.  Enemies were scarce, although a biker bandit rode by and managed to divide the ranks a bit.  The trash can full of dog crap was also pretty threatening....

I guess I'll have to wait a little longer between visits, as today wasn't quite the "hill-coming" i was envisioning.  Or maybe i'll just conduct surprise inspections periodically (incognito of course).  Was that a squirrel that just ran by?  Or something else.....?

Weekly Hill Workout: Chillin' And Hillin'

December 20, 2010

It was brrrreezy and frrrreezy as a group of intrepid Chilean explorers including Jim Moore, Costas Maranas, Ken Davis, John Domico, Adam Smith, Mike Weyandt, and Mike Renz set out for Hillville.  On the way over they kept a lookout for a fellow running club member who went missing Friday night. According to reports, (and numerous text messages) she was last seen somewhere above the center of the earth.  At one point, they thought they discovered a trail of cider drops, only to realize that it was just sweat drops from an overdressed Domico.  However, the crew did stumble across something even more exciting, a certain Greg Fredericks, who was out lookin' for a good time. We sure showed him one, doing FOUR of the LONG course repeats from the high school up to the summit of Gill Street.  This would not have been so impressive back in the Tara Era, but these days, it is above and beyond our bare minimum standard. I wonder if placing a beer stop at the top of hill would increase motivation/attendance?  Something for my successor to ponder?.....

Anyway, I've got a few weeks left in which to give my constituents hill. Don't miss out on these final uphill battles, and your last few chances to make Monday meaningful!

Weekly Hill Workout: Straight Up (Now Tell Me...)

January 4, 2011

It was clear and sunny for the first (and probably the last) hill workout of the year.  Everyone was in a Rush Rush to get out of Rec Hall, so much so that they left their lame duck hill leader behind (of course, I've always been a little behind, haven't I?) Despite this being my farewell tour--most of my flat-weather friends took off for the gamelands (Cold Hearted Snakes!) My remaining three amigos, Jim Moore, Mike Renz, and Mike Weyandt accompanied me to base camp at the corner of Hamilton and Fraser.  Renz was a little disturbed when he saw that we would be running past the Purple House (he must not be a Dr. Seuss fan), but he managed to overcome his aversion. I was just planning on doing more of a hill workout simulation, but with Scrappy Doo along and Renz shooting for 6 repeats, I was dragged into an uphill battle. Lance Bland and Jim Myers showed up, as did Adam Smith (who is getting way too fast, BTW--I hate it when the student becomes the teacher!!!)  While fairly short, the hill is brutally steep, especially the last stretch.  The workout was made even more difficult by the fact that it was hard to find a comfortable focal point amongst all those men in tights. We managed to grind out our six repeats, after which we ran an extended cool-down loop through my old 'hood.  We even stopped to say "Hi!" to my Mommy and Daddy (only Daddy was home, Mommy was doing a sweep of Zeno's on her way to work...)

Well, my Paula Abdul tribute seems to have fallen by the wayside.  But wait, I can redeem myself!  Next week will bring the Promise of a New (Mon)Day, as I will no longer be harassing you all into hills.  Try to keep my spirit alive, and remember, I'm Forever Your (Hill) Girl!

[Note: It will be harder to find a "substitute teacher" while Meira is away learning to teach than it was to replace Hill Queen Tara Murray when she took a job in Bellefonte. But if you think you have the stuff and would like to lead the lunchtime group on a Weekly Hill Workout, let me know and I'll post whatever reports or updates you offer. The Weekly Hill Work Workout can be on any day except Thursday!  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

Weekly Hill Workout: Everybody's A Hill Critic...

December 13, 2010

It was the perfect day to run hills--cool, sunny, with intermittent blasts of arctic wind.  Or perhaps it was the perfect day to "forget" your running shoes. Or maybe, it was the perfect day to sit back within the cozy confines of your office and critique a workout that you had no intention of taking part in.   Those quality individuals who did partake (some required more convincing than others) included Jim Moore, Dave Aggler, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, and John Domico.

Cali livened up our run by unleashing his patented "mini-burst" on every uphill, so that by the time we reached the site, we were completely warmed up/extremely exhausted.  Perhaps our Tom-Tom was trying to take his mind off the fact that Min has migrated back south--we miss you Martha--and your graphic tales of runs past!  Or maybe Tom was trying to silence that Aggler kid--he never shuts up!  Either way, we were George and Wheezy by the time we reached BAYberry and BLUe Course.  I was hoping Tom would pass around his inhaler so we could all have a hit, but as per usual, he forgot it.  Lance Bland, Jim Myers, Matt (the Flying Dutchman) Degges, Mike Renz, and John Sheakoski were already there--having already done a mitten-full of repeats.  

I think this workout established that a hill does indeed exist at this location--despite what the haters claimed.  And I hope a valuable lesson was learned: **people who sit in soft office chairs should not throw snowballs**