August 23, 2010

A nice, dreary drizzle was falling as Tom Cali, Martha Nelson, Mike Renz, Costas Maranas, Matt Soccio, Tom Hilands, Bob Cornwall, Jim Moore, Esther Prins, and Rob Shaver headed out toward hillville. There was a lot of nasty nursery rhyme banter flying around--which was actually a refreshing departure from the usual "That's what she said" conversations. I was on a mission since I had to be back at the Chemistry Bldg by 1:00 to trade off kid-care with Greg.  No ATV excursions today. As we we running along towards the top of Sparks St, who should appear out of the mist but the old silverback himself, Bwana. He was thumping his chest about how hills are harder to climb on a bike than on legs.  Jim Myers, Lance Bland, and Kim Nelson also joined in the fun once we reached the hill.

Lance was wearing his red hot-pants again--perhaps in an attempt to overcome that last name of his. I wore my own hot-pants as a tribute, although, unfortunately, mine were more of the cold and wet type. And apparently (thanks to Tom's slightly too keen eye-sight), three-ply mesh is required for rainy days.

Purely out of curiosity (and not all all out of competitiveness), I took DCR attendance to see which of the teams was best represented. Solo team reps included Myers for Moore's team, Renz for team Effrig, Maranas for his self-titled team, and Cornwall for team Alternative Lifestyle.  Double winners included Hot Cross Bun's Cali and Nelson, Shekinah's Prins and Soccio, and the Dominator's Minard and Moore (I must have forgotten to inform the rest of my team-mates that hill workouts are MANDATORY.)

After four increasingly hydro-paved hills, I needed to hurry back for the hand-off.  Several (including Myers and Renz--who was rubbing in my foolish "page-two Blue Moon induced" oversight) stayed behind to do more.  Nothing motivates better than MTB-mania--just check out the feverish gleam in Myer's eyes.  Today was merely the first of many manic Mondays to come.....