August 10, 2010

Since the true Hill Queens were MIA, Meira announced last week that I drew the short straw of Hill Drag Queen for the day. Knowing that the weather was going to be hazy, hot and humid, I tried to select a place that would have a little shade, my choice -- 4 Hills.  Given the fact that I don't own a skort and I talk with a deeper voice, I was amazed that I had anyone show up at Rec Hall.  However, there was a crown waiting! Maybe they were hoping to catch a glimpse of retro 70's shorts.  Sorry to disappoint! Joining in the day of hill slaying was Costas Marana, Rob Peterson, Kevin Becker, John Sheakoski, Matt Soccio, George Lesieutre, Mark Traband, Adam Smith, Bob Chandler, Jon Oatley and a woman I didn't meet.  Possibly a few others I forgot. We were greeted by Martha Nelson, John Domico and Tom Cali as they ran down the hill and disappeared off into the haze.  Also joining when we arrived was Marty Mazur, killing the hills on his bike. Will he be recovered and ready to join us next time?

To say the least, the air was sticky but we weren't to be stopped.  The plan in my mind was to do a 4x but a few of us cut it off short and settled for a 3x.  I am sure there were some that weren't going to be denied their need for hills and completed the entire assignment.  There were a few surprising no shows today but guess we can blame that on summer travel.

Assuming that next week Meira "Hill Queen 2" Minard will be back in action, I am sure that we will have an even larger turnout.