Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

June 9, 2015

The warm and muggy day couldn’t keep the pack of hill climbing wolves from preying on an “easy” (defined as short but steep) hill.  Andrew Fangtooth Maguire, Michael Timberwolf Zimmerman, Alex Lupus Wouden, Michael Jackal Martin, Dean Rufus Capone, and Michael ChewsFoot Renz set out to tackle a slew of repeats.  Costas Ovis Maranas and Bob Aries Cornwall made it as far as to the base of the hill, but quivered at the sheer magnitude of the incline and sheepishly wandered off in an attempt to stay far from this hill, which has since been nicknamed Lil’ Bo Peep.  Lance Arctic Bland even showed up (albeit late due to an error in map reading skills by the lead wolf) and snagged a few repeats with the group.

This hungry pack of wolves decided that six repeats would fully satisfy their appetite for grueling sprints to the top, so! six they did.  Halfway through the workout it even started to spit some rain….but this did not deter the pack from huffing and puffing and tearing the hill down.  My what strong legs we have…..all the better to run up hills with.  Feel free to insert any other forced pun from a wolf-based nursery rhyme to complete this awful hill report.

We are back in full strength for this summer’s hill workouts.  The heat cannot keep us away.  Tuesdays are the day, so prepare however you need to, and make sure you get out and attack some hills with us.  It is great fun for all, and does wonders for your legs and lungs!