Thursday Track Report: Well, That Was Short-Lived!

August 29, 2019

It was mild with clouds and sun, but without a big turnout at the State High track. Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur were all who showed. Perhaps others were wondering where to park with school in session, or whether we’d have to deal with gym classes. The answer is: It doesn’t matter. We’ll get to that in a second.

Some workmen were painting lines on the football practice field and for some reason had a part of the track roped off across all lanes. That meant we had to work around that. The available part of the track was about 3/4-lap. So Bwana and company ran alternate 300s and 200s at race kick pace. A good workout for the circumstances.

After the workout, Chris Weakland, the State High Athletic Director, came up to us and chatted and… very nicely informed us that we can’t hold track workouts during the school day. So that’s that, the official word. It’s all due to the school district’s risk management, and another ripple effect of the whole Sandusky thing that shut down Penn State facilities to us. So, as of next week we’ll be back at the IM Fields as we were the last couple of years for our Thursday noontime workouts. Note: This does not affect any of the other workouts that currently use the track. So Jaimie’s 5:40 AM Wednesday workout and Bob’s Thursday evening workout are both OK.

See you at the IM Fields next week!

Thursday Track Report: Back-To-School Day

August 22, 2019

School starts on Monday for the State High kids, but Bwana is already back to work filling young minds full of mush with the joys of calculus. The private school kids at St. Joes started on Monday already. But Bwana has the same schedule as last year: mornings, with Thursday the easy day. No excuses to miss track, like the dog ate his homework. State High was a hive of activity, with parents of 9th graders popping in to meet their kids’ teachers. Amy Blake’s daughter Riley is starting at State High this year, so Bwana ran into her in the parking lot.

Attendance was light again today: Judd Michael, John Iceland, Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur. It was hot and humid, but thankfully intermittently cloudy, which would sporadically drop the temperature 5 or so degrees. Bwana kept the workout short, as in a modest volume of short repeats. Three sets: 4X200 (100 meter rests) - 3X300 (again, short recovery) - 4X200. All at mile race pace (or 5K kick pace). A long (400 meter), slow rest between sets. A bit of a challenge on a hot day, but not like doing 800s.

Speaking of back-to-school, Bwana also ran into Natasha Fedkin as he headed back to the parking lot. She and a few of her Penn State track team friends were heading to Welsh Pool for some cross-training laps during adult lap swim. Adult! I remember when I’d run agains N-Tash when she was 10 and tease her if I beat her! Natasha is finishing up at Penn State this year, hoping to stay healthy and have a good season, then go off to study speech pathology!

And again, speaking of back-to-school, Bwana has an important announcement about Track and State High in a article.

Thursday Track Report: I'll Have The New England

July 18, 2019

It was hot, and as thick as soup today. Thick as chowder, or, as they say in Bahh-stin, “Chow-dahh”. Joel Niemann, Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur made it to the track. Thankfully, the sun was usually hidden, otherwise we’d’ve been lob-stahs.

Bwana gave a new workout this morning, a kind of countdown, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We did sets of 400-300-200: Run a 400 at 5K race pace. Jog 200. Run a 300 at a bit quicker pace. Rest for just 100. Then run 200 meters at kick pace. Rest is 400 meters slow jog. We did 2 sets, but this would be a good workout to do 3 sets on a milder day.

Bwana hears that Jaimie Wright is getting a decent sized crew of 6 to 10 people for her Wednesday AM workouts. And Bob Shafer and company have evening track workouts on Thursday that get a few more regulars. This is great! But between their turnout and mine, this still doesn’t add up to a historically respectable track turnout. The State High track is a great resource for as long as we can use it. That’s another 5 or 6 weeks before the afternoon group has to go back to the IM Fields. (Jaimie’s group is there before the kids arrive for school, so hers is all year, even when it’s dark in the morning! Bob's group plans to continue into early October.) Come on out! Your Fall running will improve if you do some speedwork now!

Thursday Track Report: A Break In The H of S

July 25, 2019

It was sunny and warm with a light breeze as Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Andrew Tatusko, Pat Singletary, Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. That’s a little uptick in participation. I guess S&W (sunny and warm, not Smith and Wesson) is a little easier to bear than H&H AF. We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of group track workouts this summer, what with Jaimie’s Wednesday early AM workout and Bob and Zeagle’s Thursday's early PM ordeal (8 X 1K! Yeesh!). Bwana’s workout is the easiest of that lot, owing to the SLH (short lunch hour). You should lace up your shoes and try to make one of them!

Today Bwana called 6X1 lap progressive. That’s a little light on V for volume, but does not mean an E for easy workout. Start in lane 2 and run 1 lap at a slowish 5K race pace. Very easy pace for what is essentially a quarter mile. And it has to be. After a half-lap jog, move out to lane 3 and do the next lap in the same time or better. Keep that up, at worst equalling your time from the previous lap, until you reach lane 7. That last lap will be almost 10% longer than the first, but you’ll be running it a lot faster to get the time. Maybe a 5K kick pace. Besides being a good workout, it teaches you a bit about your pace and how to dig down to make a time.

Bwana will be on V for vacation next week, but the track is still there. I’m sure some of his RTs (Regular Trackers) will be there too. Make up a nice workout. Bwana will be thinking of you. TTFN!

Thursday Track Report: Moist and Meager, But Eager

July 11, 2019

It was moister than a hippopotamus’s underarm pads as the meager crew of Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the State High track. Attendance has been pretty light this summer despite the fact that we have an actual track at our disposal for lunchtime workouts for only these 10 weeks of summer. Not many other people there today, unlike many days when there are people playing soccer or flag football on the infield. Just Jayson Jackson running a couple of kids through their sprinter workouts. I guess the threatening weather and the start of Arts Fest kept people away.

Bwana gave a “crowd" pleaser workout: the Mini-Front-Loader. One set is: run an 800 at 5K race place or a little faster. Then, immediately run 3X200 at race kick pace with just 100 meters jogging rest after the 800 and 100 meters jogging rest between 200s. Your 200s should get a little faster as you move away from the 800. Take a longer rest (400 meters jog) before the next set. Do at least two sets. This is a great workout for working on being able to turn it on during or near the end of a race.It can be scaled up in volume (3 or more sets) or length (1 mile front loading, 400 meter repeats). You can also run that first faster 200 with *zero* rest after the 800, though we didn't!

Don’t forget, there’s another track workout this evening led by Bob Shafer and Mike Zimmerman starting at 5:45 at the State High track. The evening track workouts will be going on through the beginning of October. Good luck to those running the Arts Fest 10K or 5K on Sunday. We’ll be back at at, hopefully with a bigger crew next week!