Thursday Track Report: Paragraph Two-And-A-Half

It was warm, drab, and swampy as Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, George Lesieutre, Ken Davis, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Nick Downs, John Sheakoski, Mike Casper, Frank Zaffino, Ann Skulas-Ray, Meira Minard, Jonathan Thurley, newcomers Mike Weyandt and Paul Fisher, Rich Harter, Michael Goldfine, Ron Cunfer, Dana Todd, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Bwana was returning from a week off and certainly needed a speed workout rather than a longer pace workout. He prescribed NX3X300, long sprints with short recovery. Most runners achieved N=3, but the sun peaking out and the humid conditions discouraged people form attempting a fourth.

Track-shirkers live in dread of Bwana's "Paragraph 3" wherein he cyberslams the slackers. But Bwana has been thinking of instituting a Paragraph 2-And-A-Half for runners who have a "semi-valid" excuse, but still deserve a tweak. Steve Shisler has been showing up at the track off and on for the last month. He seems to be working up to joining the rest of the crew. C'mon, Steve! Working up to keeping up with Bwana? That's like working up to getting into the wading pool! And Tara Murray took off today because she's running the All-Comer's Meet tonight. All one mile of it. C'mon, Tara! You've got a reputation to maintain as a crazy, hill-climbin', two-a-day workouts with a beer chaser kind of gal!

And now for paragraph 3. Bwana thinks he should just have a scrolling credit here with the usual suspects: Marv Hall, Sherry Tirko, Andy Arndt, Dave Eggler, Julie Grubb, Ed Thompson, Mark Traband,...(loop again).

Thursday Track Report: Lumbering Along

We're in one of the most protracted Springs in memory. As John Domico, Greg Dillon, Ken Davis, Jim Moore, Marv Hall, Mike Casper, Greg Luna, John Sheakoski, Lance Bland, Nick Downs, Rob Shaver, Sydney Moser, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Jessica Wekke, newcomer Kate Ryan, Lee Culver, John Ake, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur headed to the track, they wondered when Arts Fest weather would finally come to State College. Well, get here it will. Though the temperature hasn't hit 80 in over two weeks, we're in for a dose of low 80s and humidity this weekend.

With a good part of the crew planning to run one of the Arts Fest races, Bwana decided to take it "easy" on the group. We did 2X 1 mile "Indians", with slow, medium, and fast groups. But even the slow group, hastened by the bit of flash that Kate Ryan brought, were well under 8 minutes in both of their miles. And they felt so great that they tacked on a third in 7:33! Tara, who defected to the slow group for the third mile, said that the "medium" group had done their first two in that time. Of course, they were 3 lanes farther out, making their time equivalent to about a 7:10 in the slow lane. (Do the math.)

Some of Bwana's crew is stuck in the really slow lane. You know, the lane the lumber trucks use. Bwana saw Paul Lammert lumbering through his neighborhood the other day. The man needs a real workout. It seems that Full Professor Judd Michael (La-De-Da) is more interested in academic log-rolling than a good workout. Tom Hilands vacationed too hard last week. Bwana saw him sawing lumber at his desk as he was rousting ARL crew. Mark Lee was sitting on his back porch whittling his wood. And Ed Thompson has put on a couple of pounds and changed sports. Bwana saw him wearing a plaid tartan and practicing his caber toss!

Bwana will be on vacation next week. Have a great workout without me. But I expect a full report!

Thursday Track Report: Fortitude and Perspiration

Do you think Summer is finally here? John Domico, Lane Bland, Greg Dillon, Costas Maranas, John Sheakoski, Frank Zaffino, Greg Luna, Tara Murray, Jamie Volkert, Mark Lee, Mike Casper, Dana Todd, Kirk Rager, Jim Laudermilch, John Ake, Ron Cunfer, Rich Harter, Tom Hilands, newcomer Mark Griffin, Lee Culver, Dave Miller, Ed and Sam Thompson, and Marty Mazur sure did as they headed through the haze to the track.

Tara had already completed her workout when the Crew arrived. And since she was the only girl to show up today, Bwana gave her the honor of deciding what the rest of us would do. Her one word: "Fortitude", and then she skedaddled before Crew could revolt. The crew did that workout: 4X(400-200) with only a short rest within each set between the 400 and the 200. A good hot-weather workout (unlike repeat 800s or miles), and a challenge under any conditions.

There was a decided lack of fortitude among some of Bwana's less-than-faithful, especially among the girls. Meira Minard was struggling with the required five-sentence book report in her Literacy For Mouthbreathers summer session class. Cheryl Capone was doing her elbow bend exercises training for tonight's Tussey Teases Happy Hour. She also practiced her wallet reaches. Jessica Wekke was in her jammies, running barefoot across her bon-bon wrapper strewn living room floor on her heals with cotton swabs stuffed between her toes trying to get to the microwave before it stopped beeping. And Ann Skulas-Ray was shovelling the frontloader full of manure that was delivered to her driveway into her thesis proposal.

Thursday Track Report: Independence Day Salute

Despite some discussions about the coming Arts Fest and Firecracker 4K races, it was back to the un-summery weather today as Jim Myers, Bob Jones, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, George Lesieutre, Ken Davis, Mike Casper, Greg Luna, Marty Klanchar, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Rob Shaver, Nick Downs, newcomer Sydney Moser, Frank Zaffino, John Sheakoski, Rich Harter, Tim Aydin, Jeremy Zerbe, Dave Miller, Steve Shisler, Lee Culver, Dana Todd, Ron Cunfer, Michael Goldfine, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur headed to the track. Drab, cool, and humid, with the threat of late day showers.

John Domico had already done his workout and even though we don't know what he did, the track was still drying off. Tara telepathically auto-suggested today's workout to Bwana: a downward ladder: 1K-800-600-400-200, the object being to do each sun at a faster pace than the previous. Bwana mentioned to newcomer Sydney that she shouldn't try to keep up with the lead pack. He says that to all the newbies. But did she listen? I think the lead pack wishes she had! This former high school 800 runner had no problem!

In honor of our country's coming 233 birthday, Bwana salutes the red, white, and blue flag and nation for which it stands. He also sends a different kind of salute to the runners who have been shirking their track duty, cowering behind the white flag, or hiding under white sheets, unable to get out of bed by noon. Get with it! mOUnTaiNBACK is coming faster than you think!

Thursday Track Report: Frenzied Futility

It's like we've gone two months only to end up back in April. It was drab, cool, and misty (for the second day in a row) as Bob Jones, Jim Myers, John Sheakoski, Nick Downs, Marty Klanchar, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, George Lesieutre, Dana Todd, Steve Williams, Jeremy Zerbe, Mark Lee, Dave Miller, Lee Culver, Jamie Volkert, Ron Cunfer, Michael Goldfine, Rob Shaver, Jessica Wekke, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Bwana got a suggestion from John Sheakoski for today's work out: since the weather isn't changing much, let's do the same. Let's work really hard only get back to the same place. I know that's pretty much what we do every week. But the Sheakoski Twist was that you'd do 6X1 lap, each lap moving out one lane, and with the stipulation that without looking at your watch during the run, you had to get back to the start faster than you did on the last lap. Now that was an interesting challenge!

Speaking of frenzied futility, Tara Murray was chasing her crazed pit bull around the house trying to give it a bath. She spent the rest of the day cleaning the house in the aftermath of the bath. Greg Luna was going really slowly in circles in his back yard with his new pet turtle Snappy. Mark Traband was recycling some horsesh*t, this time on PowerPoint slides. And Meira Minard was catching up on her TiVos of Days of Our Lives reruns!