Thursday Track Report: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

September 6, 2018

It was sunny, humid, and blazing hot, but starting to change as Tom Cali, John Domico, Andy Maguire, Mike Martin, Kevin Becker, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Dan Coughlin,Josh Litofsky, Elsa Hansen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. In fact, by time Bwana did a couple of warm-up laps, large clouds were intermittently blocking the sun, and stiffer breezes helped cool things off. The rest of the week (and, dare we say, the summer) should be markedly cooler than the last couple of weeks. The long range forecast now is for the next Thursday Track workout to be run in temperatures a good 20 degrees cooler than this week!

But despite the spotty improvements, it was still blazing hot. So Bwana gave a scaled down workout, similar to last week, but with three participation levels. Today, we would run laps where we would do the long (270 m) straights at a fast pick-up pace and the short (60 m) straights at a very slow jog. Do 4 laps for a bronze medal, 5 for a silver, and 6 for a gold. Note that what we called gold this week was just last week’s workout, under slightly less heat-stroke-inducing conditions.

Speaking of slipping performance, Golden Boy Bwana was notified that he forgot to include Kevin Becker in the last couple of track reports where he had been present. How could that happen, especially when cross-fitter Kevin has an unmistakably buff, Bronze God presence? The sliver lining is that Bwana can go back and edit the online versions of these things and add Kevin to the mix.


Thursday Track Report: Mild

August 30, 2018

Hot and humid, but a bit milder than the last few days. That’s how August finished out as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Meria Minard, Michael Goldfine, CJ Wagner, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Kevin Becker, Seth Senior, Josh Litofsky, Jaimie Wright, newcomer Zach Litzinger, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.
Bwana wanted to keep it relatively easy. A few trackers were tapering for a marathon. And Bwana didn’t want to have to lug anyone to the hospital if they dropped from heat exhaustion. So the workout was 6 X 1 lap, with the long, 270 meter straights at puck-up pace, and the short 65 meter sides at a slow jog. Bwana gave the option of breaking it up into two 3 lap sets with a lap break between sets. The workout was just about right for the conditions, with everyone mildly exhausted and mildly dehydrated by the end. Nothing that a cold shower and an endless guzzle at the water fountain couldn’t fix.
Bwana ran into Harriet Smith at Trader Joe’s and inquired as to why she’s been away from the runs for awhile. Stress fracture in her foot! Ouch. At least a few more weeks off and then a slow build back. Puts the cabosh on her plans to run the Chicago Marathon in 5 weeks. But by the time she’s back, the weather will be cool and mild, and she’ll be ready to kick our collective ass, to put it mildly.

Thursday Track Report: Two-A-Day 1, Part 1

August 9, 2018

Summer is winding down. Only one more Thursday before the students come back to Penn State. It was Augusty (warm, clouds and sun, humid) as John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Mike Wyandt, Costas Maranas, CJ Wagner, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Danny Coughlin, Mike Martin, Seth Senior, Elsa Hansen, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields.

Mike Casper was hanging out at the meeting spot before track pumping the Tussey Discovery Series runs, which start this evening. Thursday Track followed by a challenging run in the mountains is the ideal late summer two-a-day. The first one feels like hell, but by the time you’re a few weeks into the routine, you feel like you’re in hero shape. Bwana got his half of the hero sandwich going by giving out a medium volume workout: 2 X (U + 4 I). A “U” is a U shape on the long rectangle of the IM Fields - all but one short side. That’s 600 meters. Follow that with just a short side rest, then 4 X 1 long side (270 meters each) with, again, just a short side rest. Take a long rest, then do a second set. That’s 3360 meters of running altogether. Each segment should be done at a 5K+ pace.

Bwana won’t be able to make next week’s workout. Be creative. Those of you on the two-a-day plan: keep up the good work!

Thursday Track Report: Zeagle Lite

August 23, 2018

It was a thoroughly pleasant day with clouds and sun, mild temperatures, and a break in the humidity, as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Judd Michael, Mike Weyandt, Torrie Raisch, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Kevin Becker, Josh Litofsky, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Mike Martin showed up in civies. He is in the middle of treatments for sciatica. It involves laying in a microwave oven for increasingly longer periods of time. He’s hopeful he’ll be back soon, but for now he gets free popcorn with every treatment!

Zimmerman (Zeagle) got the the field early and was doing a low recovery mixed rep length workout. Each rep was a long straight (270 m), short rest (60 m), long “U” (600 m). Rest between reps was 6 just 60. Kind of insane. And he did 5 of them. The key was consistent straights, and not backing off too much on the “U”s either. Bwana made up a “Lite” version. Same reps, but a short “U” rest between (so about 390 m between reps). Hopefully the longer rests allowed for quicker rep times. Do 3 to get a check in the box, or do 4 or more for a gold star.

Bwana will not be at the track next week. Heading to Kentucky for a niece's wedding, and some bourbon tasting while he’s out there. Have a great last workout of meteorological summer!

Thursday Track Report: Moist But Not Mushy

August 2, 2018

It was drab and humid with a light drizzle spraying the area as Costas Maranas, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Danny Coughlin, Jaimie Wright, Rich Harter, Harriett Smith, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields.

The field itself was wet, but the turf there is very thick (though cropped low), and so there were no mushy spots despite all the recent rain. The Crew decided to do longer repeats at race pace to avoid the possibility of slipping. Bwana called 4 X 1 Lap (~4 X 660) at 5K+ pace. A modest volume of about 2640 meters. A few of the studs and studettes stayed for a couple more reps to push it closer to 4K. By later in the afternoon, the rain had stopped and Bwana could mow his lawn. He’s kind of getting sick of *still* having to mow it more than once a week in August. (C’mon! That’s usually a May thing!)

I hear it’s supposed to be dry this weekend. Does that mean a longer respite from the rain? I don’t trust long range forecasts, but…maybe?