Thursday Track Report: Gimme Shelter

December 6, 2018

Bwana late yesterday announced that he’d be at the IM Field for a workout. When he got there, there was a stiff and steady westerly breeze. Wondering whether anyone would show, Bwana “warmed up” (an expression very inappropriate for the conditions) for a couple of miles. Just as he was about to call off his participation in a solo workout, Tom Cali, John Domico, CJ Wagner, Mike Weyandt, Andy Maguire, Mike Martin, Harriet Smith, and David Lloyd showed up. But there plans were to avoid the stiff breezes and head down to the hollow. So Bwana followed (for once) as the group ran down 4 Hills into the shelter of Big Hollow. Bwana last saw the fast crew heading back out of the low country up Rocky Top Rd, their plan being to circle back to town by way of the Sunset Park bike path, and then on to a public establishment for some warming refreshment.

Bwana will try to get one more real outdoor workout in next week. Then we’ll do the Jingle Bell Track Workout in two weeks.

Thursday Track Report: Pasta and Marinara Sauce

November 8, 2018

It was a beautiful Fall day, sunny, a bit breezy, almost crisp (mid-40s temps), with dazzling colors still on display as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Costas Maranas, Meira Minard, Jaimie Wright, Torrie Raisch, Ryan Burke, Josh Litofsky, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. The colors were indeed dazzling, both the sky, the leaves still on the trees, and the saucy attire of Costas “Marinara” Maranas.

A good marinara sauce includes some capers, and the Crew was ready for any capers Bwana threw their way. Ready especially since the Rec Hall Crew lingered long over their antipasto. Today’s main dish was a heaping pile of pasta served al dente for those whose teeth were chattering a bit for having underdressed: 2 X (1000 + 2 X 400). For one set, run 1000 meters, (one-and-a-half laps of the IM Field) at slightly faster than 10K race pace. Then rest for about 330 meters (the remaining half-lap) and finish the set with 2 X 400, (a 400 is about a lap of a half-field: run the rectangle determined by a short side of the IM Fields and half a long side). The 400s should be done at a faster pace, say between 5K and mile race pace). Do two sets. This workout is a bit of a change-up from running long repeats (800s or 1000s) to prepare for a long race like the upcoming Half. It can (and should!) be scaled up by 1 or more reps to prep for such longer races.

As the weather gets cooler, we’ll definitely want to continue pasta themed workouts. Maybe a gnocchi and pesto workout with a nice dry chianti followed by a couple of cannoli and an espresso.

Thursday Track Report: An Old Standby

October 25, 2018

It was mostly sunny and still pretty autumnal as John Domico, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Mike Weyandt, Andy Maguire, Bob Shafer, Jaimie Wright, Josh Litofsky, Harriet Smith, Ryan Burke, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Mike Zimmerman and Bob Shafer were back from running the Baltimore Marathon. It turns out Baltimore, though down a lot closer to sea level, is a pretty hilly city. That coupled with last weekend’s wind, made for a pretty tough run. But those two both ran excellent marathons, despite having just run the Lehigh Marathon just 6 weeks earlier.

Bwana promised that after the cool weather kicked in that we’d be back to doing longer reps. Today’s workout was a close match to an old track standby, 3 X 1K. To do this on the IM Fields, runners do 1.5 laps of the field for a rep. That’s about 990 meters. Finishing off that second lap at a slow recovery pace gets you enough rest (330 meters) for the next rep. Do each rep at 10K race pace or faster.

We’ve got a few more weeks to get ready for the Half. Let’s hope that winter holds off its rush to get here!

Thursday Track: What Do You Call This Time of Year?

November 1, 2018

Fall colors and late summer temperatures greeted Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Costas Maranas, Meira Minard, CJ Wagner, Andy Maguire, Bob Shafer, Jaimie Wright, Mike Zimmerman, Dan Coughlin, Josh Litofsky, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur as they headed for the track. It was around 60 and humid, conditions we haven’t had since summer turned tail and fled with its tail on fire a few weeks ago. So is this Indian Summer? No one has ever given me a satisfactory definition of that term, but I’ll take today’s conditions, whatever you call them, any time, especially in November. The only drawback was that recent rains had made the field muddy in spots.

Bwana Gave out a no-turns workout to reduce the chance of slipping on mud. All straights. Five laps of running the long straights, each 270 meters. Not much rest between, though! So run them hard, but not so hard that you can’t keep them consistent with short rest!

Who knows what next week will bring? Will we get a dusting of snow, or a mini-heat wave? We’ll see soon enough. Until then,…

Thursday Track Report: Color My World

October 18, 2018

It was a beautiful Fall day: sunny, crisp, colors popping, as Tom Cali, John Domico, Judd Michael, Mike Weyandt, Meira Minard, Randy Jepson, CJ Wagner, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Tom was particularly colorful, wearing a pink sash in honor of his 64th Birthday. The group from Rec Hall was so festive, they decided to skip the track workout and just head down into Big Hollow to check out the random riot of natural Fall colors. Bwana and the rest followed, and left the IM Fields, with their monochromatic, fertilized green spaces and man-made painted lines. But we’ll be back!