September 5, 2019

It was a perfect day for a workout: Almost Fall weather with temperatures in the mid 60s and low humidity. The only thing missing was runners! Today it was just Mike Martin, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur, though John Domico and Judd Michael were spotted later doing a solo spin near the same fields. Maybe it’s the jerking around of the venue, but from now till next June, we’re at the IM Fields!

Bwana called for a moderate volume of short stuff: 2 X (6 X 260) at kick pace. The long straights of the IM Fields are about 260 meters (if you go from the start to the end of the painted lines along the field). That’s 3 laps of the field running the long straights hard to get 6 X 260. Recovery is short: just the short sides, about 65 meters. After a set, do a longer recovery (1 lap) then try to get the second set as good or better.

Hopefully attendance will pick up as the Fall progresses. All are welcome!