August 22, 2019

School starts on Monday for the State High kids, but Bwana is already back to work filling young minds full of mush with the joys of calculus. The private school kids at St. Joes started on Monday already. But Bwana has the same schedule as last year: mornings, with Thursday the easy day. No excuses to miss track, like the dog ate his homework. State High was a hive of activity, with parents of 9th graders popping in to meet their kids’ teachers. Amy Blake’s daughter Riley is starting at State High this year, so Bwana ran into her in the parking lot.

Attendance was light again today: Judd Michael, John Iceland, Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur. It was hot and humid, but thankfully intermittently cloudy, which would sporadically drop the temperature 5 or so degrees. Bwana kept the workout short, as in a modest volume of short repeats. Three sets: 4X200 (100 meter rests) - 3X300 (again, short recovery) - 4X200. All at mile race pace (or 5K kick pace). A long (400 meter), slow rest between sets. A bit of a challenge on a hot day, but not like doing 800s.

Speaking of back-to-school, Bwana also ran into Natasha Fedkin as he headed back to the parking lot. She and a few of her Penn State track team friends were heading to Welsh Pool for some cross-training laps during adult lap swim. Adult! I remember when I’d run agains N-Tash when she was 10 and tease her if I beat her! Natasha is finishing up at Penn State this year, hoping to stay healthy and have a good season, then go off to study speech pathology!

And again, speaking of back-to-school, Bwana has an important announcement about Track and State High in a article.