July 25, 2019

It was sunny and warm with a light breeze as Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Andrew Tatusko, Pat Singletary, Keith Henderson, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. That’s a little uptick in participation. I guess S&W (sunny and warm, not Smith and Wesson) is a little easier to bear than H&H AF. We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of group track workouts this summer, what with Jaimie’s Wednesday early AM workout and Bob and Zeagle’s Thursday's early PM ordeal (8 X 1K! Yeesh!). Bwana’s workout is the easiest of that lot, owing to the SLH (short lunch hour). You should lace up your shoes and try to make one of them!

Today Bwana called 6X1 lap progressive. That’s a little light on V for volume, but does not mean an E for easy workout. Start in lane 2 and run 1 lap at a slowish 5K race pace. Very easy pace for what is essentially a quarter mile. And it has to be. After a half-lap jog, move out to lane 3 and do the next lap in the same time or better. Keep that up, at worst equalling your time from the previous lap, until you reach lane 7. That last lap will be almost 10% longer than the first, but you’ll be running it a lot faster to get the time. Maybe a 5K kick pace. Besides being a good workout, it teaches you a bit about your pace and how to dig down to make a time.

Bwana will be on V for vacation next week, but the track is still there. I’m sure some of his RTs (Regular Trackers) will be there too. Make up a nice workout. Bwana will be thinking of you. TTFN!