Written by Bwana Bwana

October 25, 2018

It was mostly sunny and still pretty autumnal as John Domico, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Mike Weyandt, Andy Maguire, Bob Shafer, Jaimie Wright, Josh Litofsky, Harriet Smith, Ryan Burke, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Mike Zimmerman and Bob Shafer were back from running the Baltimore Marathon. It turns out Baltimore, though down a lot closer to sea level, is a pretty hilly city. That coupled with last weekend’s wind, made for a pretty tough run. But those two both ran excellent marathons, despite having just run the Lehigh Marathon just 6 weeks earlier.

Bwana promised that after the cool weather kicked in that we’d be back to doing longer reps. Today’s workout was a close match to an old track standby, 3 X 1K. To do this on the IM Fields, runners do 1.5 laps of the field for a rep. That’s about 990 meters. Finishing off that second lap at a slow recovery pace gets you enough rest (330 meters) for the next rep. Do each rep at 10K race pace or faster.

We’ve got a few more weeks to get ready for the Half. Let’s hope that winter holds off its rush to get here!