September 13, 2018

It was Late Summer Swamp, clouds and sun, and warm with very high humidity, as Tom Cali, John Domico, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, CJ Wagner, Andy Maguire, Cheryl Capone, Kevin Becker, Torrie Raisch, Elsa Hansen, Monica Acosta, Zach Litzinger, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Tara Murray had warmed up the field for us. She did a progressive pace workout where she ran 25 minutes, upping the pace every 5 minutes. She started at an easy 9 minute mile pace, but that meant that the last 10 minutes were at an 8 minute mile pace or better. When I saw her, she was already done, but still pretty flushed from the last ramp-up. A few of the Crew reported in, but skipped the workout due to a race this weekend. That left about 8 of us to do Bwana’s workout, which was 8 X “L”. The “L” is the long and short side of the field, about 330 meters. Recovery is the side that comes up next, whether it’s the long or the short. So recovery alternates between about 60 meters (not enough!) and 270 meters (plenty). The goal is to keep up a consistent tempo on the “L”s, say a fast 5K pace or better, despite the alternating rests. Not so easy on a day like Thursday!

Bwana will not be honchoing the workout next week. Zeagle and Shafer, who ran great (sub-3) times in their marathon last week, should be recovered enough by next week to help pick out a tasty workout.