May 24, 2018

IIt was sunny and warm, but thankfully not too humid, a great day for an almost-summer track workout. Oddly, the turnout was down significantly from last week. Maybe people were taking off early for the Memorial Day weekend? John Domico, Tara Murray, Meira Minard, Mike Casper, Andy Maguire, CJ Wagner, Monica Acosta, and Marty Mazur were the Crew today.

Bwana was rolling over ideas for a new workout on the rectangles of the IM Fields as he drove to the track, but upon arriving he found there was already a consensus that he could take his ideas and go to L with them! Domico, seconded by Tara and others, wanted to make a return trip through those gates that say “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!”, even though we’d just gone through them two weeks ago. Bwana said, “Ah, what the L!”. Off we went, without Virgil as our guide. The workout is: Run an “L” on the rectangle. Distance 330 meters, Then rest the next side of the rectangle. Rinse and repeat. Eight or so times. The kicker is that the rest alternates between a long side of the rectangle (270 m) and a short side (60 m). Try to maintain a consistent mile race pace despite the varying rests. The varying recovery really messes with your head, but situations in real races, that deliver varying doses of terrain and challenge, are like that!

We might be able to run on the Penn State outdoor track next week. It’ll be open for Special Olympics and Dave Eggler, an official, usually waves us in to warm up the track for arriving athletes. I’ll let you know soon!