Written by Bwana Bwana

March 8, 2018

The Thursday of Spring Break has become “iffy” for track workouts in recent years. The MSF has been the venue for an archery competition the last few years during the break. There’s nothing that will put a damper on a good workout like an errant arrow in our left butt cheek. The reserved indoor track, coupled with our loss of the use of the PSU outdoor track, the lock-down of Rec Hall but for paying customers, and the still-wintry weather, made us wish we could sprout wings and head for Florida. Tom Cali, John Domico, Bob Cornwall, Mike Weyandt, Meira Minard, Andy Maguire, Dean Capone, Mike Martin, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for our new outdoor venue, the IM Fields under clear skies, though with a cold wind coming from the north, thinking we might make an early try of it there.

That cold wind made us all decide pretty quickly to just take a break from speed work this week. So we headed past the services buildings and down Big Hollow Road to Four Hills. Should we do another “Hill Repeat” day? Nah, lets just go for a jog. Bwana hasn’t been up or down Four Hills in several years and so was surprised to see all the new service buildings that have gone up recently. Bwana and Dave fell behind the main group, which ran up Rocky Top Lane probably to take the long way back to campus by way of Overlook Heights and the bike path back to Sunset Park. Bwana and Dave took the Toftrees Trail to the little dirt road that heads back to near the top of Four Hills and back to the IM Fields, a shorter run.

We’ll be back at the MSF next week unless there’s a big movement in the weather toward real Spring by next week.