It felt late-summerish, with mild temperatures and low humidity, and mOUnTaiNBACK talk in the air as John Domico, Tom Cali, John Sheakoski, Ken Davis, Lance Bland, Andrew Webb, Costas Maranas, Ruth Mick, Beth Herndon, Martha Nelson, Nick Downs, Matt Soccio, Rob Shaver, Sam Thompson, Dana Todd, Joel Niemann, Mark Traband, Tara Murray, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

The mOUnTaiNBACK DCR Draft is tonight, and that's preceded by the first mOUnTaiNBACK Discovery Series Training Run. And John Domico says the best way to train for the mOUnTaiNBACK on the track is to do long repeats. Quite a few trackers did a grueling medley of long runs. But so as not to OD on mOUnTaiNBACK (particularly those doing a second workout tonight), Bwana told the rest of the group they could do the mini-front-loader: 2X(800-200-200-200), where in each of the two sets, you recover from your 800s while doing the 200s. A very short 100m rest after the 800 and each 200 assures this. It's a great low-recovery 5K-type workout, and Tara will appreciate the work as she blows by her competition in this weekend's Lewisburg Triathlon.

Some mOUnTaiNBACKers look like their already behind the curve in this year's training cycle. Even though Draft Commissioner Sheakoski has a room reserved for tonight's Draft, Greg Luna, Jamie Volkert, and Michael Goldfine wanted to make they got the best seats. They're also doing a Mock Draft complete with Draughts. Dave Moore was standing in front of the mirror trying to look over 21 so he won't get carded tonight. Jim Myers was trying to figure out how he can get to be someone's "team advisor" (i.e. top pick) without having to run 3 Legs. And Sherry Tirko was trying to figure out how she can trash talk Bwana this year and still sound credible after last year.