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It was a "Winter Lite" day, sunny and mild (30), the kind of day that makes you think that the big slush storm they're calling for tomorrow really won't happen. Greg Fredericks, Bob Jones, John Domico, Marty Klanchar, Andrew Webb, Laura Shackelton, Ruth Mick, Martha Nelson, Mark Fedkin, Brian Russell, Ron Cunfer, Mark Hilliard, Tim Spigelmyer, John Sheakoski, Dana Todd, Jamie Volkert, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Tom Cali and Nick Downs had already done workouts of their own. Tom's was "Lite" (he's got a cold). Bwana also recommended "Lite" workout for tomorrow's Indoor Milers. The rest of the Crew went at it hard. The marathoners did some repeat mile pacework. And a handfull did some 2 person 2-lap relays. Nothing Lite there.

It's almost halfway through winter. It's Lite out when when we leave work. But some people haven't seen the Lite yet. Frank Zaffino says he works out at 5 AM, so I can see where that would be a problem, even in the summer. And Mark Traband is trying to work himself out from under a pile of horse manure, so I can wsee here he'd be working in the dark. Greg Dillon is resting for his attempt to break 4:45 in tomorrow's Indoor Mile, and can't see very well with the wool over his eyes in any case. John Pringle and Tom Hilands seem to "Pringlify" (def: make easy, make "lite") all their workouts nowadays. Matt Soccio is back to doing his Richard Simmons Navy SEAL Workout Lite. Nate Harkins needs to Harken forth. And the rest of the Crew who haven't shown up for Thursday Track yet this year need to retire the come out of their hibernation. They're being overtaken by their shadows!

Keep Running!


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