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Back inside, and back on track, for some people. Greg Fredericks, Bob Jones, Martha Nelson, Jim Myers, Marty Klanchar, Nate Harkins, Greg Dillon, Judd Michael, Tom Hilands, Lance Bland and his friend Dan, Andrew Webb, Dana Todd, Lee Culver, Mark Traband, Ron Cunfer, Marv Hall, Jerry Steffy, Todd Lajeunesse, Duane Serpentine, Laura Shackleton, Ruth Mick, Beth Kempton, Bob Radzwich, Matt Petrarca, Rod Stahl, Mark Hilliard, Tara Murray, John Pringle, and Marty Mazur headed to the track ahead of an approaching snow "stormette". A few of the die-hards ran on the outdoor track one last time before its covered with snow again.

Bwana had the crew do a trapezoidal workout, designed for participants in our Indoor Mile Series: 3-4-4-3 laps. The intention is for you to run close to your mile pace over about half the distance to get used to that pacing. We did this one back in early December as a benchmark. Ruth Mick didn't need a benchmark. With one nostril tied behind her back, she beat up on a pack that was trying to keep up with her. Early on, Ruth had got a nosebleed from the dry air, so she stuffed a wad of tissue in one side and proceeded to kick some *ss! So how did you do?

Speaking of mouthbreathers, Nick Downs was still stuck with half the football team in a Texas roadhouse. Jamie Volkert was there with him, reading them their Miranda rights *really slowly*. Michael Goldfine was teaching remedial reading to a bunch of State High football players who squint and move their lips when they read. And Jim Kisenwether was trying to explain to a TSA knuckle-dragger that his Donald, Mickey, and Goofey medals are *not* dangerous weapons!

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