It was a rare January day, with mild breezes and custardy clouds partly obscuring a low, though warm sun, as Greg Fredericks, Bob Jones, Marty Klanchar, Bob Cornwall, Ken Davis, Greg Dillon, Mark Fedkin, Duane Serpentine, Frank Zaffino, Jamie Volkert, Dana Todd, John Pringle, Esther Prins, Tara Murray, Laura Schackleton, Mark Hilliard, Nick Downs, Bob Radzwich, Ron Cunfer, Michael Goldfine, Mark Traband, Jerry Steffy, newcomer Eric Grimes, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Though last week's workout was the first of the new year, today saw the return of more familiar faces, though some were a little rounder from the Holidays. Bwana had the group do a steady pace workout of NX800, with a suggested N of 3, and several egged themselves on to do a bit more. Some of this coming weekend's Indoor Mile competitors probably overdid it, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Speaking of being into the pudding, quite a few of the Crew are still licking their spoons. Tim Brenza, Sherry Tirko, and Marv Hall seem not to give a fig about their New Year's resolutions. Bwana is still pudding up with excuses from last year from John Sheakoski and Matt Soccio. Randy Jepson had egg all over his face after Bwana saw him in Rec Hall, but not at the track. And the Thompson brothers must have found a great recipe for crème brûlée. One that they won't share.

Keep Running!


Martin A. Mazur ....................

"Today we are at a crossroads. One road leads to hopelessness and despair; the other to total extinction. Let us hope we choose wisely."

- Woody Allen