Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Hot Poker Hands

July 5, 2011

We had seven runners for the annual "poker run", We ran 5 laps around Sunset park picking up a card every time we went by the table. When we all had done 5 laps we looked to see who had the best poker hand. Jerry Steffy had ace high, Dave Lloyd had king high, Jim Thor also had ace high, Joanne Thompson had 9 high, Fernand Seuchie had a pair of 3's, Liz Troisi had a pair of 8's, and the winner was Denise Weaver with a pair of Jack's.

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Fox and Hound

June 28, 2011

We had 5 hounds and the fox left a trail to find. The fox ran to the creamery last night so we all had our favorite ice cream and called it night. Jerry Steffy, Denise Waver, Michelle Christensen, Dave Lloyd, Feranad Seuchie ran well. While we were eating our ice cream the rain washed away the trail so we did have a hard time getting back to the start. Next week we are at Sunset Park for the annual Poker Run. - Jerry

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: A Hard Working Group

June 7, 2011

We were at Tudek Park last night for 6x1/4's on the 4's. Six of us ran hard up and down the trail. We tried to run an even pace and that was the hard part. David Lloyd lead the six of us thought the paces with an average time of :1.41's, Michelle Christensen had an average time of :1.55's, Jerry Steffy was next with :1.48's, Jim Thor was coming on hard with ave. time of :2.00, Pam Scott ran with Jim to keep him working hard: average of :1.56's, and Feranad is running more and it shows. He was averaging :2.16's. Great work by all for a hot night! Next week we are at the Boalsburg Military Museum Park at  6 PM for 3 person relays. See you there! Jerry.

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: A Warm Solstice Eve

June 21, 2011

It was a warm night for ladders but we still had 5 climbers doing 200,400,600,400,200 in 2 relay teams with one who ran by himself. The team of Jerry Steffy and Liz Troisi ran the 1.2 each in :17.04, the team of Dave Lloyd and Pam Scott ran the 1.2 each in :17.14, and Feranad Seuchie ran his 1.2 in :8.47. Sorry about last week's report but had some personal things going now. Next week we are doing the Fox and Hound run. Bring a little money for ice cream at the Creamery. We will meet at the Parking lot across the street from the Beaver Stadium in the first row of parking. Look for the little red pick up truck with SCXC on the tail gate. -Jerry

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: A Hot Time Tonight

May 31, 2011

It is hard to believe, but last Tuesday night was sunny with temps in the 90's. We did our 5K in the warmth of the sun out Circleville and Sleepy Hollow roads and back. Nine of us braved the heat. Marty Mazur came to run with us and ran 27:45, with your truly right behind him with 27:51, followed by Dave Lloyd with a 29:11. Hot on his heels was Liz Troisi with a 29:13, Michelle Christensen was very close with 29:37, Pam Scott pulling along Jim Thor both ran well for the heat. Pam 31:13 and Jim 31:29. David DeGroote was walking after his operation and Fernand Seuchie came a little late so he only got in a mile and a Half. We all enjoyed the time at the end when it was done. Hope to see you next week at Tudec Park for some 1/4's, and don't forget the Club meeting next week also. Keep running! - Jerry