Written by Martin Mazur Martin Mazur
Published: 09 June 2010 09 June 2010

What a great night for a run! We are still a small group of runners, but we are getting faster. Last night we did 1/4's on the 3's. which means every 3 mins. we start another 1/4. We ran up and down the hills at Tudek Park. Ashley Cooper ran 1:55's up and 1:45's down, Rich Bundro 1:38's up and 1:27's down, Karen Weiss 1:58's up and 140's down, Ethan Knocke 1:38 up and 1:27 downs, Pam Scott 2:00's up and 1:40 downs, Jerry Steffy 1:50's up and 1:45's down. Michelle Christensen was recovering from a small injury. We hope to see more of you next week. We will be at the Boalsburg Military Museum for 1/2's on the 6's.