This week Jerry was off busy with the State College cross country team, so Denise Weaver took charge of our workout.  Runners met at the Circleville Farm.  Jerry was kind enough to drive up the trail and do a burn out so we'd know where our turnaround was.  We had 5 runners last night Sarah Reinhard, Jessica Savrock, Janice Dauber, newcomer Elena Enache-Pommer and Denise Weaver.  We ran up the trail which was suppose to be a mile, but was only half a mile and back to the parking lot, so the girls decided to head another direction on the bike path towards Blue Course Dr. out on Teaberry heading towards the golf course, but we just looped and headed back out Teaberry to the direction that we came from.  Luckily we missed out on the bad thunderstorm that came thru the area earlier.  Our total mileage was 4 miles and I want to mention on the way back that we spotted a certain someone in his red pickup truck (Jerry) who didn't see us waving to him at the traffic light on the intersection of  Blue Course /Circleville Rd.  Everyone did a super job running last night!  See you next week. Smile