June 9, 2019
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

mettle – vigor and strength of spirit or temperament; staying quality

A cool breeze and partly cloudy skies greeted the runners gathered at Colyer Lake to climb the spiny Treaster Kettle Road to Bear Meadows and then return.

Today’s run had ideal conditions, and I was reminded again of the amazing experience one gets running in Rothrock State Forest. Birds were singing all around, and as the group transitioned from Lake Road to Treaster Kettle Road, a rooster crowed, as though to announce our arrival. Honeysuckle was in the air, and the babbling brook in the early going took at least one mind off the challenges ahead. A cool, gentle headwind and plenty of shade kept things comfortable on the return trip as well.

A speedy front pack moved quickly over the course, with Joseph Clark leading at the finish and Andrew S and Andrew Hanna taking second and third.

Leah Narkevic led the women’s field, with Madeline Margevicius and Lisa Gentile taking second and third.

Three runners have run all of the “official” Tussey Teasers #1 through #4 (March 2 through June 9) so far, and one of these also ran the “bonus” (Feb. 2) Teaser #0. All three are in the running for a “grand prize” to be awarded on June 16 after the final Teaser, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon. Those three are: Eliza Gabel, Keith Henderson and David Lloyd.

Special thanks to Elsa Hansen for picking up the post-race Subway sub and finish line recording, to the Jake Clement Family for finish line assistance, and to Nicole Pote for photos.

A big thanks to Subway Restaurants for its enthusiastic support of the 2019 Tussey Teasers Series. Thanks also to Appalachian Outdoors and Webster’s Bookstore and Café for donated prize items.

The final Tussey Teaser of the season, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, will take place on June 16. For details, visit

pix teasers 19 4 prestart
                                                    RD Mike Casper preps the field before jumping into the fray

pix teasers 19 4 jasonK
                  Jaeson Koszarsky is a nice example of fortitude, having completed the race on the heels of recent lung surgery

pix teasers 19 4 HannahW
                                                        Hannah Williams cruises in on the final strides

pix teasers 19 4 LeahN
                                                         Leah Narkevic is all smiles as she wraps up the run

pix teasers 19 4 BrianG
                     Brian Garthewaite is one of a growing group of Lewisburg runners who’re becoming Rothrock regulars

Place  First      Last               Age  Sex  Town          State  Time
-----  -----      ----               ---  ---  ----          -----  ----
 1     Joseph     Clark               25    M  State College PA    1:04:19
 2     Andrew     S                   21    M  State College PA    1:07:20
 3     Andrew     Hanna               21    M  State College PA    1:08:44
 4     Loc        O                   42    M  Williamsburg  PA    1:08:52
 5     Matthew    Balogh              20    M  State College PA    1:09:17
 6     Brian      Thiede              31    M  State College PA    1:10:31
 7     Bryce      Descavish           20    M  Ebensburg     PA    1:13:52
 8     Mike       Walmro                    M  Calvin        PA    1:13:52
 9     Matt       Lamparter           35    M  Lewisburg     PA    1:18:36
10     Garrison   Famiglio            16    M  State College PA    1:19:16
11     Alan       Effrig              40    M  State College PA    1:20:24
12     Robert     Shaver              58    M  Loganton      PA    1:20:33
13     Tyson      Switzer             35    M  Lewisburg     PA    1:20:45
14     Brian      Garthwaite          39    M  Lewisburg     PA    1:21:41
15     Van        Cyr                 36    M  Lewisburg     PA    1:21:46
16     Matt       Smith               52    M  State College PA    1:23:25
17     Leah       Narkevic            21    F  State College PA    1:23:56
18     Ken        Farnsworth          29    M  Boalsburg     PA    1:25:05
19     John       Iceland             48    M  State College PA    1:25:53
20     Madeline   Margevicius         24    F  State College PA    1:31:22
21     Keith      Henderson           55    M  State College PA    1:37:42
22     Mike       Casper              60    M  State College PA    1:41:22
23     Lisa       Gentile             54    F  Huntingdon    PA    1:41:59
24     David      DeGroote            60    M  State College PA    1:48:10
25     Jacob      Gordon              31    M  Huntingdon    PA    1:54:19
26     Rob        Crowe               71    M  PA Furnace    PA    1:54:39
27     Taylor     Hayes               21    F  State College PA    1:54:54
28     Jaeson     Koszarsky           47    M  Boalsburg     PA    1:58:45
29     Hannah     Williams            39    F  State College PA    1:59:18
30     David      Lloyd               49    M  State College PA    2:00:09
31     Eliza      Gabel               27    F  State College PA    2:02:13