April 8, 2018
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

Whipple Lake was half covered with ice as runners parked cars and carpooled to the start at Tussey Mountain, where it was breezy and not quite Spring-like.

A lead pack surged forward onto the switchbacks of Laurel Run Road, led by Steve Templin. Dan Barker eventually put a little distance on the field, taking over 3 minutes off his 2017 time and finishing 1:20 ahead of masters stalwart Patrick Singletary. Templin, completing his third race of the weekend, was just 25 seconds behind Singletary.

Harriet Smith led the women’s field, finishing within 1:23 of the 8-year-old course record. Erica Pitcavage and Alexandria Housel finished second and third, respectively.

Several runners were tapering for the Boston Marathon next weekend.

Honorable mention goes to Ali Weyant, who completed her longest run ever today. The consistency award goes to David Lloyd, who finished the 11 mile distance 2 seconds faster than last year.

A big thank you to Van Swauger for picking up the post-race party sub provided by series sponsor Subway Restaurants.

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing that will take place after Teaser #5, the June 17 Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

Changes are coming May 5 to Central PA’s only race with age and gender adjusted results and awards, the Beidleheimer Sidewinder. This race now features a new start time, 9 a.m., an out-and-back route, and you can choose a 10K or 20K option. Online registration for this Cinco de Mayo race is available at https://legacy.imathlete.com/events/sidewinder2018. Proceeds support Team Ream. The race also features tech shirts and trophies to the first five finishers.

                                                        Runners prepared to start under sunny skies and chilly temps

pix teaser2 18 early                       Led by Steve Templin, the front pack heads up the first switchback on Laurel Run Road

pix teaser2 18 danb                                                     Dan Barker leads the field into the finish at Whipple Dam

pix teaser2 18 third                                           Steve Templin, running his third race in the last 30 hours, snags third place

pix teaser2 18 renz Mike Renz in classic minimal garb also sports a shirt for the 2018 Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK beneficiary, Team Ream

pix teaser2 18 winners                                      Winners Dan Barker and Harriet Smith pose in front of an icy Whipple Lake

pix teaser2 18 88nep                                               Andy Bryus and Erica Pitcavage complete the 11-mile journey

pix teaser2 18 duo                       Spencer Weaver and Amanda Pighetti-Marshall are all smiles as they stride to the finish

pix teaser2 18 alifinish                                                     Ali Weyant celebrates completing her longest run ever

Overall Order of Finish

Place  First     Last              City           Sex Age   Time
-----  ----     ----              ----           --- ---   ----
 1     Dan       Barker            State College   M  24  1:14:43
 2     Patrick   Singletary        State College   M  52  1:16:03
 3     Steve     Templin           Muncy           M  45  1:16:28
 4     Josh      Litofsky          State College   M  25  1:20:40
 5     Dan       Coughlin          State College   M  41  1:20:49
 6     Bob       Shafer            Bellefonte      M  37  1:20:56
 7     Mike      Zimmerman         State College   M  37  1:20:56
 8     Harriet   Smith             State College   F  24  1:21:17
 9     Mike      Renz              Port Matilda    M  39  1:21:49
10     Jason     Spicher           State College   M  25  1:25:14
11     Evan      Bressler          State College   M  34  1:29:17
12     Erica     Pitcavage         State College   F  28  1:33:57
13     Andy      Bryus             State College   M  28  1:33:57
14     Keith     Henderson         State College   M  53  1:34:32
15     Steve     Baird             State College   M  40  1:34:58
16     Jim       Maras             State College   M  56  1:36:39
17     Jacob     Gordon            Huntingdon      M  30  1:37:04
18     AlexandriaHousel            Port Matilda    F  37  1:38:07
19     Jeff      Schiesler         Port Matilda    M  62  1:38:07
20     Diane     Swauger           Port Matilda    F  41  1:38:47
21     Regina    Lozinski          Port Matilda    F  38  1:38:57
22     Amanda    Pighetti-Marshall Warriors Mark   F  35  1:41:53
23     Spencer   Weaver            Millheim        M  23  1:41:53
24     David     Lloyd             State College   M  47  1:59:06
25     Ali       Weyant            Huntingdon      F  21  2:18:43