Rothrock State Forest
June 5, 2022
by Mike Casper

mettle – vigor and strength of spirit or temperament; staying quality

A gentle breeze and mid-fifties temps let the runners gathered at Colyer Lake know that spring is still here.

Today’s run was cooler than typical, providing good conditions for this race. Kira Garry was the overall winner and sliced more than 5 minutes off the standing women’s course record, set by Mira Minard in 2009. Natasha Volkers and Liz Egan claimed second and third in the women’s category. Jacob Buffington won the men’s category, with Sean Devlin and Eric Sutherland taking second and third place.

Eric Sutherland shaved 2½ minutes off his 2021 time, Mike Casper took almost 3 minutes off, Sean Devlin sliced 3 minutes off, and Elijah Kamermans hacked off 10 minutes.

One runner, Jeff Schiesler, has run all of the “official” Tussey Teasers #1 through #4 so far, as well as the “bonus” Teaser #0. Jeff is in the running to receive the “grand prize” to be awarded on June 19 after the final Teaser, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

Thanks to those who made donations today to the Dyslexia Reading Center and who donated used shoes for Sneakers4Good.

Special thanks to Marie, Eddie and Larry Garmat for water station assistance, and to stalwart volunteers from the Dyslexia Reading Center for finish line assistance and to DRC’s Amy Bader and Keith Jervis for race day photos.

Thanks to Appalachian Outdoors and Doan’s Bones for donated prize items.

The final Tussey Teaser of the season, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, will take place on June 19. There are some Tussey Teaser performance shirts available ($15). All proceeds go to the Dyslexia Reading Center. Send a note to Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve yours. For full race details and directions, visit

Runners gather on a glorious day at Colyer Lake for the start of the race

Kira Garry won the overall race and sliced 5 minutes off the women's record

Jacob Buffington was the first male finisher and second overall

Natasha Volkers was the second female finisher

Overall Order of Finish

Place First        Last              Sex  Age   Town            State   Time
----- -----        ----              ---  ---   ----            -----   ----
  1   Kira         Garry              F   29  State College       PA   1:08:45
  2   Jacob        Buffington         M   20  State College       PA   1:14:30
  3   Sean         Devlin             M   43  State College       PA   1:14:40
  4   Eric         Sutherland         M   57  State College       PA   1:16:04
  5   Elijah       Kamermans          M   36  State College       PA   1:16:04
  6   Costas       Maranas            M   54  State College       PA   1:17:57
  7   Patrick      Singletary         M   56  State College       PA   1:18:28
  8   Robert       Shaver             M   61  Loganton            PA   1:22:23
  9   Michael      Palumbo            M   26  State College       PA   1:26:38
  10  Jason        Barrow             M   42  State College       PA   1:34:46
  11  Matthew      Weldon             M   39  Port Matilda        PA   1:41:16
  12  Dave         Hunter             M   52  State College       PA   1:44:40
  13  Mike         Casper             M   63  State College       PA   1:44:58
  14  Natasha      Volkers            F   36  Port Matilda        PA   1:45:04
  15  Jim          Sellmer            M   61  Port Matilda        PA   1:46:19
  16  Liz          Egan               F   38  State College       PA   1:46:19
  17  Alexandria   Housel             F   41  Julian              PA   1:50:14
  18  Jeff         Schiesler          M   66  Port Matilda        PA   1:50:14
  19  Alan         Effrig             M   43  State College       PA   1:50:58
  20  Erica        Unruh              F   39  State College       PA   1:59:23
  21  David        Lloyd              M   52  State College       PA   2:34:55