May 7, 2022
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

A 100% chance of precipitation and temps in the mid-forties greeted the handful of stalwart runners who came out to Whipple Dam State Park for the Sidewinder race. The rain, plus Mother’s Day weekend and graduation events doubtless created a challenge for some to attend. This was the fourth time featuring the out-and-back route for the 10K and 20K distance. This race uses WMA age and gender adjusted results. (See below for details.)

Patrick Singletary outpaced the field in the 20K, with Sean Devlin a few minutes back and Terry Reid taking third. Singletary took a full minute off his 2021 time.

In the 10K, Eric Sutherland set overall pace. Sutherland won the men’s category, with an impressive showing by Brady Honn, 13, who took second, and Jesse Honn in third. Alexandria Housel won the women’s category, with Renee Koma 8 minutes back in second and Kendra Washburn taking third.

Special kudos to David Lloyd, who bicycled 15 miles over the mountain before the race.

Three runners are eligible for a special prize and also in the running to win the Tussey Teasers series grand prize, which will be awarded by drawing to one runner who completes all of Tussey Teasers 1-5. They are David Lloyd, Terry Reid, and Jeff Schiesler. Jeff also completed the Colyer ‘Sno Big Deal 10K, February’s bonus “Teaser #0.” The series prizes will be handed out after the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, on June 19.

For an explanation of the WMA system, see below.

Special thanks to volunteers from the Dyslexia Reading Center for handling registration and finish line and to Pamela Lu for amazing photography.

The World Masters Athletics (WMA) percentage is an age- and gender-graded scoring system based on data. The WMA percentage tells how your age- and gender-graded time compares to the gender world record for a given distance. If your WMA score is 100%, you would have run a gender world record time in your prime. If it's 50%, then the world record holder would have come in in half your time. By the way, 80% is considered National Class level. Today's top 5 age and gender graded finishers were all pretty close to that! See below for how the results of this race are calculated, and how you can use the system to score yourself for other events. Here’s an explanation of the formula:

WORLD MASTERS ATHLETICS (WMA) Percentage Calculation:
AGST = age-gender standard time
OGST = open-gender standard time
AGT = age-graded time
WMA factor = OGST / AGST
WMA factor * actual time = AGT
WMA% (age-performance %) = OGST / AGT (or = AGST / time)

Simplified, your World Masters Athletics percentage is the ratio of the approximate world-record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time.
Example for a 45-year old woman running a road 10 km in 40:00
AGST = 32:33 (AGST if she were a 45-year old male = 29:51)
OGST = 30:20 (OGST if she were a 45-year old male = 26:51)
WMA factor = 30:20 / 32:33 = 0.932
AGT = 0.932 * 40:00 = 37:17
WMA % = 30:20 / 37:17 (or = 32:33 / 40:00) = 81.4%

The next Tussey Teaser is June 5, the Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6 Miler, with an earlier start, 8:00 a.m., with start and finish at Colyer Lake.


Drab and wet start to the 10K

A hardy handful toed the line for the 20K

A father and son run for Brady and Jesse Honn

The trees were just starting to display their leaves

Patrick Singletary led the way for the 20K runners


10K Finishers

 PLACE         FINISHER                           WMA%      TIME
 -----         --------                           ----     ------
    1  Eric Sutherland, 57, State College, PA    78.65%     41:22  
    2  Brady Honn, 13, Huntingdon, PA            56.47%     47:33  
    3  Jesse Honn, 43, Huntingdon, PA            61.11%     47:34  
    4  Jeff Schiesler, 66, Port Matilda, PA      61.98%     56:51  
    5  Alexandria Housel, 41*, Julian,PA         55.45%     56:52  
    6  Renee Koma, 22*, State College, PA        47.00%   1:04:32  
    7  Brian Brown, 47, Lewisburg, PA            44.95%   1:06:40  
    8  David Lloyd, 51, State College, PA        38.02%   1:21:24  
    9  Kendra Washburn, 33*, State College, PA   36.31%   1:23:54  
* indicates females
6 finishers among Open Men
3 finishers among Open Women
6 male finishers
3 female finishers
9 total finishers

20K Finishers

 PLACE         FINISHER                           WMA%     TIME
 -----         --------                           ----    ------
    1  Patrick Singletary, 56, State College, PA 73.00%   1:31:25  
    2  Sean Devlin, 43, State College, PA        63.06%   1:34:48  
    3  Terry Reid, 63, Bellefonte, P             62.87%   1:53:15  
    4  Mike Casper, 63, State College, PA        55.73%   2:07:45  
* indicates females
4 finishers among Open Men
4 male finishers
0 female finishers
4 total finishers