January 29, 2022
University Park, PA

The last meet of the Indoor Mile Series saw another record broken and some great racing. Numbers were down from the previous two meets in the mile races, largely due to the fact that much of the Penn State Cross-Country Club was participating in Miles For Smiles, a THON-related fundraiser. Despite that, there were two heats of the mile race and a heat of the 3,000 meter run.

This week, the fast heat was run first. In that heat, Vince Fadale tried to reclaim the mile series lead, taken from him last week by Nick Deamer. Nick wasn’t running in the Indoor Mile Series race this week, but would run later in the main Penn State meet as an unattached runner. Fadale ran a good race, and had a great kick, finishing first in 4:28.92, but failed to equal his time in the first meet. So, despite winning two races in the Series, Fadale finished a close second to Deamer for the Series crown, which is based on the combined best two mile race times. Second place in the heat went Alex Scheib in 4:33.80, and third to Cameron Mallett in 4:38.70.

In the second heat, Liam Wolson won going away in 5:03..27. Sean Devlin sewed up his Men’s Masters Series crown by finishing second in 5:32.02. And Maggie Mahoney did the same for the Women’s Open title, finishing third in the race in 5:42.26. Lorraine Jasper, a top-ranked 60 and over runner, shaved over half a second off her time of last week to take fourth in 5:49.15.

The 3K race had the day’s fastest runners. Anthony Petrillo became the first male in 5 years to go under 9 minutes. Petrillo finished first in 8:56.49. Only 6 runners have ever gone under 9 minutes in the years the event has been run as part of the Series, and only the Series record time of 8:52.04, set by Kelly Fermoyle in 2009, is faster. Matt Balogh ran a great race to finish second in 9:07.73, and John Mihalek was third in 9:23.79. The fastest Men’s Masters time was run by Sean Devlin in 10:52.31. And Carly Shea broke the Indoor Mile Series record Women’s Masters record in the 3K by 26 seconds, breaking Jaimie Wright’s two year-old record with a time of 10:57.08.

The Predicted Time Contest for the mile heats saw a few runners come within a second of their predicted time. The overall winner was Matthew Royer, whose predicted time of 4:40 was only 0.17 seconds off his finishing time of 4:40.17.

Vince Fadale won the first heat and almost took the overall series lead.

Liam Wolson easily won Heat 2

Maggie Mahoney and Carly Shea won the Women's Open and Masters 3K, respectively, Shea in Series Record time.

Sean Devlin was the Men's Masters 3K champ

Lorraine Jasper ran a great mile race. She's the fastest woman over 60 we've ever had on our track!

Anthony Petrillo had the second fastest Men's 3K time in Series history!


Mile Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Vince Fadale             4:28.92
  2    Alex Scheib              4:33.80
  3    Cameron Mallett          4:38.70
  4    Matthew Royer            4:40.17
  5    Joshua Holmes            4:40.89
  6    Jason Sammut             4:40.97
  7    Kirk Mummert             4:49.46
  8    Tyler McFeaters          4:56.99
  9    David Brown              5:09.69

Mile Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Liam Wolson              5:03.27
  2    Sean Devlin              5:32.02 (M)
  3    Maggie Mahoney           5:42.26
  4    Lorraine  Jasper         5:49.15 (M)
  5    Matthew Smith            5:59.05 (M)
  6    Keith Henderson          6:18.82 (M)
  7    Marty Klanchar           6:54.13 (M)

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Anthony Petrillo         8:56.49
  2    Matthew Balogh           9:07.73
  3    John Mihalek             9:23.79
  4    Patrick Driscoll         9:32.39
  5    Vince Fadale             9:37.08
  6    Kirk Mummert             9:47.68
  7    Cameron Mallett          9:57.03
  8    Sean Devlin             10:52.31 (M)
  9    Maggie Mahoney          10:55.49
 10    Carly Shea              10:57.08 (M)(R)
 11    Matthew Smith           11:45.23 (M)

(M) - Masters Runner
(R) - Series Record