The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, October 6 at the HiWay Pizza on Westerly Parkway. In attendance were Marty Klanchar and Club guest Heidi Stubler, Dave Eggler, Marty Mazur, Cheryl Capone, Tara Murray, Dave DeGroote, Kathy Koetje-Simin, Matt Petrarca, Bob Radzwich, Mike Philippe, Denise Weaver, Michelle Christiansen, Mike and Evan Casper, and Pam Scott. The group was fresh off the very successful mOUnTaiNBACK, and conversation kept returning to that race.

Marty Klanchar introduced Heidi Stubler, a Nike intern. Heidi gave an enthusiastic plug for the upcoming Nike Human Race 10K. The event is partly a plug for the company's Nike+ training tool. The Nike+ is an accelerometer based  device that can be used to measure the distance, pace, and caloric burn of your workouts. It can also be used to upload your workouts to the Nike web site to to keep track of them and compare them to friends that have the device. the Nike Human Race 10K will be held on October 24 on a very nice course on campus and the roads and paths around the Penn State golf course. The event is more a fun run than a race, although it will be timed. Participation is free and all participants will get a very nice Nike performance shirt. You do not have to own a Nike+ to participate, though you may want one after the event is done. All participants who have a Nike+ will be able to add their miles to the great pile of miles from the thousands of participants around the world. More information about the event can be found on the NVRC calendar and on the event flyer here:

Mike Casper gave a report on the mOUnTaiNBACK. The race was a huge success with nearly 70 ultras and almost 100 teams competing. The day was perfect. Volunteer Honcho Mike Philippe was relieved that the race is over, but gratified at its success. He really did a great job organizing the "hired help". Mike Casper should know more about how the race did financially for the beneficiary CVIM soon.

Cheryl Capone is getting final preparations done for this year's Knights of Columbus 5K. She's hoping for a success again this year. It's going to be her last. Cheryl and the Club are looking for a new Knights Race Director to keep the tradition going next year. If you're interested contact Cheryl Capone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dave Eggler has got the registration materials online for this year's Nittany Valley Half-Marathon, which will be held on December 6. Most runners wish it could be held in November like last year, but the dictates of Penn State Football will make that an impossible dream. Let's hope the weather co-operates!

Liz Kisenwether sent a note to the Club with a suggestion about how the Club could spend some of its largesse on youth running, which is a big part of our mission. We could have a fund for young runners to help defray the cost of travel to state, regional, or national events. Some of the young products of the Nittany Track and Field Youth Group, who are getting noticed at regional and national meets, could benefit from such a fund. Liz herself got a travel gift from the Club over 30 years ago when she was a serious high school competitor, before State High even had a girls XC team. Such help could be the encouragement this generation needs. The Club is interested in this idea. Treasurer Dave Eggler says we certainly have the funds. We'd like to work with Nittany T&F to see how this could be done.

The rest of the evening was spent talking about coming races, training, injuries, the usual runner talk. And next year's mOUnTaiNBACK!

Next meeting: December 1.