The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, June 2, at the HiWay Pizza on Westerly Parkway. The crowd was slow in arriving: Jerry Steffy was having the Beginner Group do a 5K. But by 7 PM, everyone who was coming was there: Jerry Steffy, Dave Eggler, Marty and Jeannie Klanchar, Marty Mazur, John Wilcock, Shawn Kelly, Bob Boozer, Amy Paster, Mike and Evan Casper, Cheryl Capone, Mike Forman, Jim Malayter, Kim Gasper, Jessica Savrock, Michelle Christensen, Denise Weaver, Pam Scott, and Dave DeGroote.

Before the talking and eating, there were a few items of business. Membership Director Marty Klanchar said that online membership renewal was going very well. He proposed that in about a year we make all membership the same price, namely $12. As it stands, we charge mail-ins $10 and online renewals $10, but they have to fork over about $1.93 to We would make the total for online an even $12 and bump up the mail-ins to $12 to encourage people to do it online. The plan is to eventually do away with mail-in membership sign-up.

Plans for the mOUnTaiNBACK are proceeding well. And the Draft Challenge Relay has kicked off. The DCR supplied 9 very eager 5 person teams for the mOUnTaiNBACK last year. This year, it looks like the DCR team size will be 6 or 7. John Sheakoski, DCR Commissioner, hopes to increase participation again this year. Relatedly, Tussey Teaser #4 is on Saturday, and the 5th and final will be on June 28. The Teasers have been very well attended this year, which bodes well for mOUnTaiNBACK.

There was a discussion about awarding Volunteer of the Year points to participants and donors to the NVRC Pittsburgh Marathon runners. It was decided to award those who raised money (runners and donors) points on the same schedule as that used for the Boston Marathon CVIM teams.

Kim Gasper reports that plans for Herbie's Home Town Loop are moving along. The race proceed go to the Jeremy Herbstritt Memorial Fund and will one day help build a track for the Bellefonte High School. This year's race is on August 15.  The day's events include the 4 Mile race/walk and a 16 mile non-competitive bike ride. (There'll be no kayak event this year.) There's also a pre-race day pasta dinner. The race committee needs help! Their next meeting is Thursday, June 18 at the Home Delivery Pizza in Bellefonte. Please come if you can!

Amy Paster and Dave Eggler are trying to nail down details of the Arts Fest races. They're still waiting to hear from University Orthopedics, our usual generous sponsors, and from the University offices regarding course permissions. Hopefully, all comes together soon. This year's courses are similar to those of two years ago with a couple of minor improvements.

The Speed-To-Read 5K, the Centre Region's flattest 5K, will be at 9 AM on June 20th at the Grange Fair Grounds in Centre Hall. As always, there will be a generous prize for any course record set, as well as great door prizes.

Jerry Steffy is trying to get together some All-Comer's meets this summer. They'd be on a few Tuesday evenings in late July and early August. The meets would be running events only, but would have a pretty good sampling of the track distances. Participation would be free. Participants would be asked to help time races that they do not run. Keep your eye on the calendar for this!

Finally, the next Club meeting will be our annual Club Picnic. After the meeting, Pam Scott volunteered to organize it. More details will be forthcoming.

Next meeting: August 4.