The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, December 4, at the HiWay Pizza  on Westerly Parkway. In attendance were Dave Eggler, John and Emma Wilcock, Dave DeGroote, Kim Daniels, Denise Weaver, Marty and Jeanie Klanchar, Christine, Bob, and Kellie Rice, Pam Scott, Amy Paster, Jerry Steffy, Tara Murray, and Marty Mazur. With the return of the green olives necessary to concoct the NVRC special, the troops were not as restless as usual.

First item of business: Congratulate Dave Eggler on a very successful Half-Marathon!  And what a great day it turned out to be, at least relative to what it could have been! Dave announced that he has a very important problem regarding the date for next year's race. If we're to use the Ag Arena, site of the Half the last few years, it can't be on the traditional date, the first Sunday of December (12/7) because the Ag Arena is booked for the Christmas Tree show. The weekend before also happens to be the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend, a bad choice. The weekend after is getting far into December. The two earlier weeks are on the Sunday's after PSU home football games, which means the fields behind the Arena might still  have hung over RV drivers trying to head home. That leaves two choices. Hold the race on 11/9 (some people have always wanted the Half earlier!), or find another heated staging venue. While looking into the latter, Dave will tentatively book November 9 at the Ag Arena.

The Big 10 Challenge worked out pretty well. The NVRC won its bout against Jerry's old club, the Mid-Michigan Track Club. We'll probably go against them again next year in a more organized fashion, but we're looking to expand the series to other Big 10 teams, and even other Clubs in PA and other areas.

The Indoor Mile Series is on again. We may have to pay a small feel to hold the event, and we'll announce that as we get the information. But until then, check the calendar for the schedule, and start training!

The Club is planning to resurrect a great idea from the old days: a Club Race Series. Many Clubs have these, and of course the fast guys and gals clean up. But the NVRC has a twist that opens things up a bit. Participants get points for winning, placing, etc. in Series races. But we will also give points for running a race, for volunteering, for directing, and possibly for other actions. Once we define which races qualify and what the point structure is, John Wilcock has volunteered to keep the records. We'd like to get this going for 2008, so expect more information soon.

Finally, Dave DeGroote and Marty Mazur have renewed their promise (and promise to renew their efforts) to get a new Club web site up and running soon. Some of the improvements we hope it to bring are: improved layout and navigability, easier membership renewal, easier submission of calendar information, more accessibility for subgroups in the Club to update web site information. We promise, we promise, to get it out soon!

Next Meeting: February 5.