Membership Zoom Meeting
Club officers present: Bob Shafer (president), David Eggler (treasure),Marty Mazur (communications director), Marty Klanchar (membership director), Erika Christiansen (secretary / archivist). Other present: Michael Renz, Doug Shunk, Mark Fedkin, Jake Clements, John Iceland, Kim Gasper. 
Michael Renz said the calendar on the NVRC website is up and running. It’s small but when you click on it, a pop-up window will create a larger calendar. 
The races which are cancelled this year are the New Year’s Eve race (it will not be virtual), the NVRC holiday lights run through Bellefonte and State College and the Indoor Mile Series which is held at the Multi-Sport Facility at Penn State University. 
The club is waiting to hear from Jody to see if the Egg Hill race will run in 2021. 
Marty Klanchar gave the group and update on the NVRC membership. There are 177 members though 70 of those members expired in 2019, 55 expire in 2020. Marty mentioned of extending their memberships for another 6 months due to covid for a grace period. The club is considering giving out NVRC patches or magnets for their renewal. 
John Iceland announced he is willing to take over the position of secretary if no one would like the position. 
Upcoming Races: 
CJ Resolution January 30, 2021
Last Man Race
Next club meeting: February 2nd.