The 2023 United Way Day of Caring was held on October 5. The NVRC took part with another of their annual PSU Golf Course trail maintenance projects. Cheree Jones coordinated with Joe Hughes, Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager. The NVRC also provided lunch for the crew. This year there were numerous volunteers including Penn State Humphrey Fellows, SCASD Delta Program students, and various individuals including Club members. The large crew cleared brush, widened trails and made outlets more open. They also groomed rocky sections of the trail, removing large rocks and adding mulch over some stony sections. This trail has been a Centre County Day of Caring project for the NVRC each year from 2011-2023 (There was an informal small group of volunteers in 2020 due to the pandemic.) Here are some photos from the day of the project.

United Way Day of Caring: Part of the team

United Way Day of Caring: Kids participated this year, too

Lots to do at the start of the day

The golf course perimeter trail was dark and overgrown in spots.

Hard at work raking mulch over rocky spots

The workers did break for lunch, and pictures

The kids worked pretty hard

Rocky sections of the trail were cleared of rocks as much as possible

Some of those rocks required a pick axe

Gathering up brush

A before picture at a trail entrance

After photo of the same spot

Kids and their brushpile