The 2019 United Way Day of Caring brought crews totaling 65 volunteers to the jogging/walking/biking trail adjacent to the Penn State Golf Courses to clear brush from wooded parts of the trail. The trail has been a Centre County United Way Day of Caring project each year from 2011-2019. Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager, Liz & Jim Kisenwether, and Cheree Jones coordinated the project.

This year's volunteers: The Penn State University men's lacrosse team, State College Borough employees, Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager, Liz Kisenwether--KidTech, Inc., Jim Kisenwether, Cheree Jones, and several individuals worked tirelessly to clear brush and make the trail safer.

The Nittany Valley Running Club, as usual, chipped in for food and drinks (lunch).

Here are some photo highlights of the day.

uwdoc 19 borough

State College Borough Volunteers and Liz Kisenwether

uwdoc 19 psulaxers

Volunteers from the Penn State Lacrosse team

uwdoc 19 laxer hack

PSU Laxers hack at some overgrowth

uwdoc 19 laxermulch

PSU Laxers work on mulching parts of the trail

uwdoc 19 laxer branches

A couple of PSU Laxers removing branches

uwdoc 19 boroughsnip

A State College Borough volunteer snips away at overgrowth

uwdoc 19 boroughdrag

A State College Borough volunteer drags away some branches

uwdoc 19 2gals

These two volunteers worked hard all day!

uwdoc 19 bigclear before

Before: Lots of brush and undergrowth need to be cleared

uwdoc 19 bigclear after

After: A big, clear, visible path!

uwdoc 19 wide before

Before: This path should be cleared and widened.

uwdoc 19 wide after

After: Voila!

uwdoc 19 steep before

Before: A steep, shady, overgrown area.

uwdoc 19 steep after

After: A shady, clear area. Can't do anything about the 'steep'

uwdoc 19 coveroff

Before: Lots of close-in undergrowth

uwdoc 19 coveroff after

After: Now that's a clear, wide path!