For the fifth year in a row, Cheree Jones and Sheryl Balkey helped to organize a crew of bushwhackers for the United Way Day of Caring,. The project was again the golf course perimeter bikepath/jogging path, this time along the south and west edges of the Penn State Blue Golf Course. There were saplings, bushes, brush, assorted shrubs, and unruly tree branches that were clogging and cluttering the path, as well as an ungainly tree blocking the view of runners, bikers, and drivers approaching the path's crossing of the Clubhouse Road.

The volunteers were:  SF & Company (12 volunteers), Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager/Head Golf Professional, who helped tremendously with the planning and execution, and Sheryl & Seth Balkey and Cheree Jones. The crew cleared the way so that runners have a clear treadway and golfers can see runners so they can yell "fore!". The NVRC chipped in to pay for some food and refreshment. Here are a few pictures.

pix dayofcaring 15 crew

Many hands make light work of shrubs, brush, and trees!

pix dayofcaring 15 bigsnips

A volunteer makes short work of some brush along the western edge of the Blue Golf Course.

pix dayofcaring 15 shrubsmile

Taking time for a smile.

pix dayofcaring 15 brushsmile

Carting away some brush.

pix dayofcaring 15 log

Making firewood of a 'view obstructor'.

pix dayofcaring 15 bigstick

Speak softly an haul away a big stick

pix dayofcaring 15 jungle

A 'before picture' from one section.

pix dayofcaring 15 cleaner

Looks a lot cleaner, doesn't it?