The NVRC Marathoners for Medicine is a group of runners dedicated to running and to raising money for Centre Volunteers in Medicine. CVIM is a non-profit clinic that supplies quality medical and dental care to local residents who have no health insurance. For years, the Marathoners For Medicine have had Joe and Sue Paterno and Olympian Greg Fredericks as their honorary coaches. This year, the teams will be running to honor the memory of JoePa, and will be coached by Greg Fredericks, Sue Paterno, and Russ Rose, Penn State's legendary women's volleyball coach. 

Once limited to runners who qualified for the Boston Marathon, Marathoners for Medicine is now open to participants in the Boston (April 16) and Pocono (May 20) Marathons and the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half-Marathon (May 5). Go to the CVIM site. Find out about this worthy organization. Meet some of the runners, many of whom I'm sure you know. Please consider making a donation to CVIM through the Marathoners for Medicine in the name of one of the runners (or in the name of all participants).