Tussey Teaser #4 -  Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6 Miler
June 9, 2007 -
Colyer Lake
by Mike Casper

Mild weather and mostly overcast skies greeted the 30+ runners who took on this hilly out-and-back course, which centers around Treaster Kettle Road. The thunderstorm of the night before left the air fresh and debris of small branches littered across the road in spots. The smell of wild roses filled the air along Lake Road and parts of Treaster Kettle. A light breeze kept runners cool during much of the return half. Much of the course is run in the shade of trees that reach high overhead. Despite promising conditions, course records were not within reach today.
Winner Tim Murphy had a comfortable run and won by over 2 minutes. “I was looking to get in mileage with some company, and Doug (Perry) provided that until the big hill. Having reached the turnaround at 39 minutes, I picked up the intensity a bit coming back.”
Deanna Brown’s first place finish unfolded differently. As related by husband Erik, “Deanna ran with Jim Myers through about 8 miles. Lisa Campbell passed Deanna at about 7.75 miles, followed shortly by Michael Goldfine. At that point Deanna picked up her pace and pushed it into the finish, passing Michael and Lisa back as she went.”
“Joe Shuta owes me,” adds Erik. “I pushed him most of the way back! Actually, I owe him. He set the pace for me coming back.”
Paul Crowe, 15, ably demonstrated what youth and spunk and a little fortitude can do with an event like this, reeling in fourth place. This was the longest run ever for Kim Holm, whose previous longest run was 7 miles. Nice work, Kim!
Most of today’s runners had not run this course as an out-and-back before. Not all veterans of this run recorded times that beat previous efforts, but a few did. Stacy Moir knocked over 4 minutes off her 2006 time. Jim Myers slivered 7 seconds off his 2006 effort. Joe Shuta trimmed exactly 3 minutes off his 2005 posting. Yours truly, who had not run it the two previous years, noted how the constantly rolling hills truly test one’s level of training – particularly hill conditioning – and confirmed for me that everyone who does this run can score it as a bona fide accomplishment.
A hearty thanks to Bob Rice for invaluable help handing out water, and to Holly Snyder, Kathleen O’Connell and daughters Kelson and Jael for help at the finish line, and to Michelle Hutnik and Jael for snapping photos at the finish.
The final Tussey Teaser (#5) is June 30, the Bear Meadows Made in the Shade 7.0 or 10.6 Miler, with start and finish at the scenic Bear Meadows Natural Area. Details are at www.tusseymountainback.com or www.nvrun.com.
For those who yearn to see more of Rothrock’s roads and the course of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon, the popular Thursday evening training series beginning July 26 (yes, very early this year!) covers the whole course a piece at a time over 8 weeks. Race day for the mOUnTaiNBACK is Sept. 22, with registration closing Sept. 8, so now is a great time to form your relay team - or plot out your training runs for the ultra - and register!


Race winner Tim Murphy smiles after the race.

Women's 2nd Place Lisa Campbell pushes home.

Race Director Mike Casper soaks up the glory.

Jim Myers gets ready to stop his watch.

Veteran racer Bob Crowe.

Rob Shaver still has vertical clearance after 10.6 miles.

Michael Goldfine is still chewing on that last chunk of mountain.

Jenn Herbstritt had a fine race.

Sarah Farrant exults at the finish.

Paul Mount wore his cool racing shades.

Joe Shuta is a Rothrock War Horse.

Pam Scott and Christine Race cheer Denise Weaver to the finish.

       Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6 Miler - 6.09.07

   Place  Name                  Age         Time
   -----  ----                  ---         ----
     1.   Tim Murphy             23        1:14:17
     2.   Doug Perry             31        1:16:34
     3.   Costas Maranas         39        1:17:44
     4.   Paul Crowe             15        1:23:05
     5.   Deanna Brown*          44        1:23:12
     6.   Lisa Campbell*         30        1:23:50
     7.   Michael Goldfine       51        1:24:03
     8.   Bob Boozer             52        1:24:45
     9.   Jim Myers              52        1:25:16
    10.   Robert Shaver          46        1:26:27
    11.   Joe Shuta              56        1:27:53
    12.   Erik Brown             48        1:28:30
    13.   Dave DeGroote          49        1:31:27
    14.   Lindsay Baker*         28        1:32:32
    15.   Paul Mount             38        1:33:11
    16.   Pamela Scott*          45        1:33:41
    17.   John Frye                        1:33:51
    18.   Mike Casper            48        1:33:55
    19.   Robert Crowe           59        1:35:37
    20.   Jennifer Herbstritt*   25        1:37:02
    21.   Sarah Farrant*         34        1:39:29
    22.   Kimberly Holm*         22        1:42:00
    23.   Kirk French            31        1:42:21
    24.   Stacy Moir *           22        1:42:58
    25.   Jessica Charles*       30        1:45:36
    26.   Stephanie Herbstritt*  18        1:46:00
    27.   Amy Hartle*            21        1:46:00
    28.   Jason Campbell         30        1:56:37
    29.   Matt Newcomb           32        1:58:21
    30.   Erin Newcomb*          26        1:58:22
    31.   Denise Weaver*         42        2:04:53
    32.   Christine Rice*        34        2:04:56

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