Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile

Horace Ashenfelter III  Multi-Sport Facility, 2/8/02

The indoor track was the scene of the USTCA Collegiate Sykes/Sabok Challenge Cup and this year's only Nittany Valley Running Club indoor mile. The club's other indoor mile event two weeks ago was cancelled due to a lack of runners, but this week's crew was large and enthusiastic. A dozen runners showed up, enough to fill one heat to overflowing. The 12th runner had to line up off of the track for the start!

Bob Radzwich and Bob Chandler put on a good show. Bob Chandler almost caught Bob Radzwich at the end, and both finished sub-5. Ken Davis, a Thursday Track regular who is more of a long distance specialist, showed that he has some leg speed by turning in the club's third sub-5 time of the afternoon. The top woman finisher was Evelynn Ellis. Evelynn told Marty Mazur before the race that she was hoping to run "around 6", but proved to be sandbagging by doing her 8 laps in 5:42. Maybe it was the fast track. Maybe the fast track had something to do with Steve Bodner and Boyd Brumbaugh both running extra laps. Their estimated times after 1 mile are shown below. Marty Mazur has to tune his ear to the quiet footsteps of Nick Harris, who for the second time in memory nipped Marty at the finish in a close race.

Post race, the whole group kept asking "When's the next mile race?" Sorry to say, unless we can sneak in to the Big 10 Championship Meet, it'll have to wait until this summer's All-Comer's Meets. Till then, keep sharpening your spikes!


 Place   Name                    Time
 -----   ----                    ----
 1.      Bob Radzwich            4:41
 2.      Bob Chandler            4:42
 3.      Ken Davis               4:55
 4.      Boyd Brumbaugh          5:15 (*)
 5.      Steve Bodner            5:20 (*)
 6.      Steve Thorne            5:23
 7.      Evelynn Ellis           5:42
 8.      Eric Loken              5:58
 9.      Nick Harris             6:09
 10.     Marty Mazur             6:09
 11.     Rick Brazier            6:16
 12.     Diana Damer             6:59

(*) Estimated time. These runners got so excited, they ran
    an extra lap!  

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