Photos 2008

Here are some photos of the Half courtesy of Christine Rice and Ann Skulas-Ray.

The record crowd meant a crowded start.

Some of the runners near the front doing the Ag Arena loops early in the race.

Tom Cali floats through the air with Mt. Nittany in the background.

Everybody looks good at the last downhill section of the race, just past the 10 mile mark on Houserville Rd. Lance Bland strides out.

Costas Maranas flies past the stop sign.

Joel Niemann paced Tara Murray most of the way.

Left to right: John Wilcock, Ann Skulas-Ray, Tara Murray, and Joel Niemann take on the steep part of the "spiral of death" on Orchard Rd.

It's great to meet your goal, even if you have to sprint to get there.
Ann Skulas-Ray goes sub-1:40.

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