Photos 2007

Some Half-Marathon photos from near the 10-mile mark in Houserville and from the finish line courtesy of Ruk Jayakody, and from near the start and half-way points, courtesy of Paul and Brian Boger and Judy Winslow.

There were plenty of cold feet at the start.

Race Director Dave Eggler was anxious to get everyone moving.

The roads behind the Ag Arena, which made up the first 2.5 miles of
the race, were pretty slick. But the forecast had called for much worse!

Nate Harkins and Dave Moore took the early lead on the snowy roads
behind the Ag Arena just past the 1 Mile mark.

Paul Boger waves as he runs with Michael Burke near the half-way point.

Erik Scott leads his Bike Shop crew near the Mile 10 mark.

Tom Cali (left) and Andrew Webb (right) ran together for a bit,
but Andrew eventually pulled ahead..

Annie Brewer was the eventual women's winner.

Evelynn Ellis (bundled up, far left) wonders why she's out in the cold.

Frank Zaffino (topless) just pretended it wasn't cold out.

George Lesieutre tries Greg Dillon's "closed-eyes" technique.

Tara Murray, with her eye-opening attire, ran with eyes wide open.

Ruscena Wiederholt and Greg Luna were this close at the finish, too.

Duane Serpentine (white) and Tom Hilands (blue) amid the low 1:30s pack.

By race's end, Mark Fedkin had ground out a time between
Serpentine and Hilands

Jamie Volkert (red) and Marty Klanchar (white) amid the high 1:30s pack.

Ben Lawrence and a mutt with mittins run in their own pack.

Marty Mazur had found the secret beer tent at Mile 9.
Lee Culver (gray top) ran his first half-marathon in 30 years

Race Winner Nate Harkins crosses the finish line.

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