Photos 2003

    Race Co-Director and Timer Dave Eggler looking at-ease before the start.

Race Co-Director Morgan Wasikonis gets some bananas ready as Mike Casper stares off into space.

Marv Hall is busy as can be at the Registration Desk.  

  Mike Dooris (l) and George Lesiutre (r) are taking it easy before the starting gun. Sonia Beckner looks ready for the cold.


Nick Downs (l) runs into a stiff headwind near the halfway point at "Siberia-by-the-Airport".  

Things were a little more sheltered along Spring Creek around the 10 mile mark. Clockwise from upper left: Eric Tien is all smiles; Mike Dooris (r) shows proper form; Sonia Beckner poses for a future Runner's World cover; Marty Mazur (l) wins the "Goofily Attired" contest.


The Orchard Road hill near the end of the race is always discouraging. Ken Davis found it less so than others.

  Ron Cunfer leads Marty Klanchar and unidentified runners up the Orchard Road hill. 

[Photos courtesy of Greg Luna, who lives next to Spring Creek in Houserville, Judd Michael, who watched the action on Orchard Rd,
and Marty Mazur, whos snapped some pix at the Registration Desk.