Photos 1997

Is that snow? Nope, just a grainy scan of the start in front of the majestic Shields Building.

Ron Ziemian (#179) got first dibs on water after taking the big early lead, but Austin Drager (#140) tracked him down and got the win in 1:12:04.

Esther Asplund (#214) seemed to have an easier time of it, smiling as she goes through the seventh mile, and eventually winning in 1:32:06.

Our slowest finishers, but our fastest WALKERS! V. Star Campbell (left) and Beverly Lindsay (right) race walked the course in 2:46:15.

Simon Tavener ponders taking a road less traveled.

Erik Scott races ahead for a good view as wife Bethann finishes second in the women's division in 1:33:08.

Water, water everywhere ... Mardi Myers on her way to a third place finish in 1:35:30.

Always out in front! Sponsor, Master's champ, and most-colorfully-dressed winner Tom Cali (#129) strings them out at the second water station. What a long, strange trip it's been ...

All photos courtesy of Dick Meyer ... Thanks Dick!