2009 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #3
Friday, January 30, 2009
by Marty Mazur

This week's Indoor Mile had a record turnout: 36 runners in 3 heats. And it was probably the fastest overall group ever to run an Indoor Mile Series meet. Every runner in the fast heat broke 5 minutes, and two more runners in the middle heat did as well. The NVRC can thank the Penn State Cross-Country Club for a good part of the turnout. That speady group of kids seems to be integrating the Indoor Mile Series races into their winter training.

The "slow" heat was run first and Meira Minard, returning to the track for the first time this year, won it handily in 5:40.49. Marty Klanchar turned in his best time of the year, finishing second in 5:49.79. And Andy Arndt held off Shaun Wood to finish third in 5:52.44. Tara Murray ran a PR and came tantalizingly close to her goal of sub-6, finishing just 0.02 off the mark. In the middle heat. Mike Williams led the way in 4:48.84. Adam Moore was second in 4:55.48 and Francis Spear was third 5:13.19, barely ahead of Shawn Kelly. Ann Skulas-Ray met her dual goal of taking the NVRC Indoor Mile women's record and finishing under 5:20. She crossed the line in 5:17.81 and has hopes to go under 5:15 next week. Kelsy Markham was the second female in 5:33.86. The fast heat saw an exceptional end-to-end battle between Brian McNally and last year's Series winner Dave Moore. Moore led most of the way, but was shadowed by McNally for the first 5 laps. Then McNally took the lead, only to have it taken away again by Moore. McNally finally grabbed it back in lap 7 and showed a remarkable kick to seal the win in 4:30.46. Moore was second in 4:33.58. Dave Rassmussen, last week's winner, was third in 4:37.64. Greg Dillon has already sealed a second straight Master's crown with a 4:53.87 finish.

The fourth and final Indoor Mile Series races will be on February 6 in conjunction with the
Sykes-Sabock Challenge Cup. In addition to the Mile, there will be a heat of the 3000 meter run and the Predicted Time Contest for the Mile.

Meira Minard lead all the way in Heat 1.

Tara Murray came close to sub-6. Next week she'll use Greg Dillon's trick to shave off the last 0.03 seconds.

Kate Ryan keeps shaving more time off her mile.

Just before the start of Heat 2...

And just after the start of Heat 2...

Two PSU-XC Club members broke 5 in Heat 2...

Dave Moore led most of Heat 3, but Brian McNally was always close behind.

Greg Dillon, in NVRC blue, sewed up the Master's Crown, but wants to go under 4:50.

Dave Moore will need a stronger kick to repeat as this year's Indoor Mile champ. McNally takes the lead going into the gun lap.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Meira Minard             5:40.49
 2.    Marty Klanchar           5:49.79 (M)
 3.    Andy Arndt               5:52.44
 4.    Shaun Wood               5:53.29
 5.    Michael Goldfine         5:56.05 (M)
 6.    Tara Murray              6.00.02
 7.    John Wilcock             6.02.52
 8.    Stephanie Serriere       6.18.35
 9.    Christine Rodgers        6.24.30
10.    Kate Ryan                6:43.75
11.    Marty Mazur               DNF
12.    Dave DeGroote             DNS

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Mike Williams            4:48.84
 2.    Adam Moore               4:55.48
 3.    Francis Spear            5:13.19
 4.    Shawn Kelly              5:13.32
 5.    Judd Michael             5:15.12 (M)
 6.    Rachid Haoues            5:16.59
 7.    Ann Skulas-Ray           5:17.81 (*)
 8.    Jeff Smucker             5:22.86 (M)
 9.    Alan Effrig              5:26.18
10.    Gregory Luna             5:27.22 (M)
11.    Tim Brookins             5:30.10
12.    Boyd Brumbaugh           5:33.09 (M)
13.    Kelsey Markham           5:33.86

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Brian McNally            4:30.46
 2.    Dave Moore               4:33.58
 3.    David Rassmussen         4:37.65
 4.    Brian Petraco            4:42.99
 5.    Andy Cunningham          4:50.49
 6.    Nick Fornicola           4:51.08
 7.    Ben Nieto                4:53.60
 8.    Greg Dillon              4:53.87 (M)
 9.    Ben Holmes               4:54.15
10.    Ben Huey                 4:57.93
11.    Chris Avery              4:59.10
12.    John Flemming            4:59.92
  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.
  (*) - Women's Event Record

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