2008 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #4
Friday, February 1, 2008
by Marty Mazur

The fourth and final NVRC Indoor Mile of the season was held in conjunction with the Sykes-Sabock Challenge Cup. It was a record sized field, and several records were broken. In the first heat, two unattached PSU athletes led the field, the first, Mike Syrninck, finishing in 4:24.57. NVRC speedster Dave Moore, who had already sewn up the Indoor Mile Series crown (in a record combined time) and was watching on the sidelines, would have given them a good run for their money. There were numerous close finishes in both heats, particularly in the first, with one coming down to hundredths of a second. Among NVRC runners, Ben Huey ran his best race of the season even though he would run the 3000 just 15 minutes later. Ben finished first in 4:43.17. Andy Cunningham put in his best time of the year and raced Huey to the finish in 4:43.85. And Masters Champ Greg Dillon saved the best for last. He set an NVRC Masters Mile record, finishing third in 4:44.53. All told, 8 runners finished under 5 minutes. Martha Nelson, who would later compete in the 3K, shaved 10 seconds off her mile time of last week, finishing first among women in 5:22.42. This breaks her previous NVRC Indoor Mile Women's record of 5:28.99 set two years ago.

In the second het, George Lesieutre bested the field, finishing in 5:37.10. Kelsey Markham was second in the heat and second among woment in 5:39.27. And Marty Klanchar finally followed "Coach" Jerry Steffy's advice to start his kick earlier, He met his season goal and finally beat Michael Goldfine to the finish in 5:49.32. Goldfine, who had beaten Klanchar all season, was over 4 seconds behind. Tara Murray clocked a 6:15.89 mile and was the third overall woman. And Pam Scott sewed up the Masters Woman crown by running her mile in 6:45.15.

In the 3000, Ben Huey, having used his mile as a warmup, ran a very even race and dusted the field, finishing in 9:31.94. Brian Russell fought Matt Smitt most of the race, but steadily opened on him to finish in 10:24.47. Smith was third in 10:29.85. Martha Nelson  ran a fine race after her mile, overtaking Matt Petrarca to finish in 11:01.16. Petrarca crossed the line in 11:23.42.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
       Mike Syrnick             4:25.57 (Unattached)
       Matt Groves              4:37.22 (Unattached)
 1.    Ben Huey                 4:43.17
 2.    Andy Cunnigham           4:43.85
 3.    Greg Dillon              4:44.53 (MR)
 4.    Robert Radzwich          4:53.93
 5.    Rod Stahl                4:54.83 (M)
 6.    Ben Nieto                4:57.09
 7.    Alex Zarger              5:04.55
 8.    Matt Smith               5:06.00 (M)
 9.    Ryan Brennan             5:10.55
10.    Duane Serpentine         5:11.87
11.    Costas Maranas           5:12.61 (M)
12.    Boyd Brumbaugh           5:18.10 (M)
13.    Greg Mitchell            5:18.13
14.    Matt Petrarca            5:22.24
15.    Martha Nelson            5:22.42 (R)
16.    Mark Fedkin              5:32.68

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    George Lesieutre         5:37.10 (M)
 2.    Kelsey Markham           5:39.27
 3.    Marty Klanchar           5:49.32 (M)
 4.    Michael Goldfine         5:53.96 (M)
 5.    Dan Guss                 5:55.47 (M)
 6.    Shaun Wood               6:00.16
 7.    Earl Lake                6:05.30 (M)
 8.    John Wikcock             6:07.05
 9.    Richard Strable          6:09.06
10.    Marty Mazur              6:14.72 (M)
11.    Tara Murray              6:15.89
12.    Pam Scott                6:45.15 (M)

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Ben Huey                 9:31.94
 2.    Brian Russell           10:24.47
 3.    Matt Smith              10:29.85
 4.    Martha Nelson           11:01.16
 5.    Matt Petrarca           11:23.42

  (M)  - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.
  (R)  - Designates NVRC Indoor Mile Record.
  (MR) -
Designates NVRC Indoor Mile Masters Record.

Ben Huey leads the pack early in Heat 1

Martha Nelson and Matt Petrarca were this close at the finish, too.

Duane Serpentine and Rod Stahl catch their breath.
Laura Shackelton congratulates Martha Nelson on her Mile and 3000 meter runs.
George Lesieutre and Kelsey Markham ran a close race in the second heat..
Michael Goldfine, Marty Klanchar, Dan Guss, and Earl Lake early in Heat 2.

Tara Murray leads Pam Scott.

Brian Russell held off Matt Smith after a long battle in the 3000.

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